The Numbers (Japanese 謎のアイルーたち) are a group of Felyne with a past connected to Navirou. They are each given a Title Number with a respective name. Number 1:Beats, Number 2: Cryo, Number 3: Fifi, Number 4: Spex, and Number 6: Floof.

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The Numbers have their own unique personalities:

Number 1 Beats is the leader with a fiery temper.

Number 2 Cryo has a calm and cool disposition.

Number 3 Fifi has a charming if not slightly vain charisma.

Number 4 Spex is very intelligent that makes him the brains of the group.

Number 6 Floof, the youngest, has a sweet naive personality and is constantly drowsy for putting herself to sleep.


The five Felyne, along with Navirou, use to be normal Felynes until they were all modified by Doctor Manelger, each giving them an Element/Status Effects of a certain Monster. They were then given their respective Numbers titles with Navirou being Number 5. Navirou originally thought of a plan that involved everyone escaping, but constant experimentation made Navirou the only one to escape and unfortunately gain amnesia. This made the Numbers, unaware of Navirou's amnesia, halt the plan until their comrade would return.


The appearance for all the Numbers are different in color and physique.

Beats, the Leader, has a flaming appearance that matches his black and red fur.

Cryo is a very tall Felyne that sports a chilly appearance with his sky blue fur.

Fifi has a hefty yet beautiful appearance where her yellow fur actually sparkles, and is the only one that doesn't have a paw print on her chest.

Spex has green fur and giant goggles which also works as his glasses.

Floof, the shortest of the Numbers, has pink, fluffy, and very messy fur.

Along with Navirou, they all have a strange symbol on the left side of their hand paw that symbolizes their respective number.


  • In ep 28 and 29 of the anime, it is revealed which monster the Numbers gained their form and abilities from:
  • Although they were all modified like Navirou, they don't seem to have the ability to transform.
  • In the final episode, they gain a seventh member who is a normal Melynx named Nuts.
  • in the Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On anime Floof is addressed as male.


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