• Hi I think that MH3 Wepons are cool and there needs to be more of them such as, a mega mace or a super staff.Now thats out of the way I have to say I love the monster hunter videos and want to learn how to draw the monsters. Sorry I have to go wish I could say more. :) :) :)

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    • And the white whale exploded into a glorious light, as holy bagpipes and mexican line dancers did the macarena ritual. From the glorious pentagram, the white whale spoke.

      "I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world."

      And then the world died in insanity. The moral of this story is that you don't make sense with your topic!

      Good day. *implodes into nothingness*

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    • Translations since someone apparently can't understand the OP:

      1. Maces and staffs would be cool new weapon types. (Note: Check out the insect staff for MH4, it might be relevant to your interests)

      2. They love Monster Hunter videos, presumably the tutorials on how to fight certain boss monsters because they've been very helpful.

      3. Have to go, wish I had more to say.

      I don't have much to say to that. Welcome to the forums, please enjoy your stay!

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