• I just need great help on this Son of a gun Every time i go to face it i die (damn minions) so i was wondering if anyone on the wiki could help me! and that other discussion had nothing helpful in it so..yeah

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    • What weapon do you main? I could help you, but not if you use GS, LS, Hammer, or Bowgun.

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    • SnS is alright seeing as you can trip him and the R+(basic attack) can knock him out of the sky. 

      DS is a poor choice seeing as he spends most of the time in the air, but you can trip very well.

      HH could be good if you have one with wind resist, as for high reachings, go for the note 2 combo, also try to KO.

      Lance could work if you block the wind blasts and use the high thrust.

      GL doesn't have many high reachers, but since Kushala spends alot of the groud time rooted, wyvern fire and full burst can do serious damage.

      Bow isn't that great unless you take the time to chop the tail or break the head (head recommended as tail needs meelee attack), otherwise the wind barrier will seriously get in your way, but when disabled, go trigger happy (or bowstring happy).

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