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    23:59, April 18, 2014

    Hello Users.

    The Special:Chat of the Monster Hunter Wiki will be temporarily down until further notice. There has been a problem wherein Users have been linked into a separate alternate Special:Chat instead of linking into the main Special:Chat. I have sent Community Central a message about the problem and until I receive a response or help from Community Central, the Special:Chat will be offline for the meantime.

    We hope you understand and we are apologizing for the inconvenience that this may cause. In the meantime we have the Forums, User talk pages, and the Discussion blogs if you're in the need to converse with other Users.

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    • Link for alternate chat?

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    • Is there like, a place, a chat, where we can use as an alternative chat while the chat here's disabled? I don't wanna stay in Axe's swamp.

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    • Use the Fanon Chat or IRC?

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    • We got an estimated time till it gets back online?

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    • IRC?

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    • I volunteer my wiki chat as an alternate, if you want click here

      Since this chat WILL try to be an official alternate, all the same rules will be upheld. Any previous mod from chat will be promoted to CM status, and also anyone looking to chat is welcome as well. 

      It's only for now, and the entrance message may be weird, but bear with it please! >_<

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    • Wait, So whos going where?

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    • Eh, I'll head to fanon chat.

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    • Silver Nargacuga wrote: Link for alternate chat?

      Since the main chat room is down the alternate chat room will also be down.

      Setheo wrote: Use the Fanon Chat or IRC?

      I would strongly advise not to use the IRC, as none of the people in the Wiki's Admin team have a position inside the IRC, therefore we do not have control over the IRC. In fact some Users have expressed concerns over getting rid of the IRC or disconnecting our affiliations with the IRC.

      Giant enemy Crab11 wrote: We got an estimated time till it gets back online?

      Not sure. Normally it would take days for Community Central to respond to inquiries.

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    • Well i just tried the IRC and it failed. :/

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    • I hope you take my offer into serious consideration, and not just shrug it off and scoff at it as a joke, because I'm being 100% serious. 

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    • Da Nibelsnarfin ham sammich, man! I want my chat back!

      -In reality is cool with this-

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    • Update:

      From Sannse at Wikia:

      Preview is just a test area, and it's just this sort of confusion that makes us say that people shouldn't use it otherwise. That's especially true of the chat there, because (as you've seen) it's not connected to the real chat.

      Chat is going to be removed from preview, so please use the real chat only. If you have links going to preview, please fix your links. If you have problems with doing so, please contact us and include information on exactly how you got to chat (clicking a link? where? what was the link text?) and we'll help you fix it.

      We are keeping preview open for now, becuase it helps people to help us test, but I'm afraid things like this make it more likely that it will have to be closed in the future

      Seems that due to the abuse of many Users of the Preview sites, it will be closed soon for every Wiki. So for now I will be reopening the Chat today and to just wait until this happens. Anyone I caught abusing the preview chat will face a permanent block from both of the Chat rooms.

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