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    This keeps getting mentioned so I'm gonna do a post about. Yes, we know some images look blurry on the Wiki but that is not a problem we can correct. The images are just fine but are displaying weird for some reason. The issue is among many Wikis and is up to Central Wikia to fix.

    Please DO NOT try to reupload images you see that might be blurry. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

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    • Oh, I thought I was just durnk =D

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    • The boopinest boop I've boopin seen.

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    • The problem is known for days but it will take some time till all of the images on the Wikia servers will be displayed in the wanted (old) quality. :)

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    • Oh, so it wasn't just my comp being shitty....

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    • I saw some images that are blurry, that is why I can't recall what kind of image is it.

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