• It's a shame we never got to play MH together. Ah well, we had some good times hypothesising here and on the old Minegarde topic, didn't we? I can certainly relate to having a decreased interest in MH, but hopefully you'll have enough interest to continue to lurk like I do.

    Also, my sincerest apologies if I ever murder you in a Souls game (if you still play that series, that is).

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    • Hypothesising is always fun!

      Yeah, decreased interest, but I'm keeping half an eye on Frontier (still mostly mental) and Online (horribly flawed). If they announce another sequel (Monster Hunter 5?) any time soon I'll keep an eye on that as well.

      It is a shame we've never played together! I'm seriously considering getting a 3DS and 4 Ultimate in the summer though, after exams - have you been playing it? It'd be nice to hunt sometime :)

      Hah! I've not played Bloodborne (no PS4) but I've been replaying Dark Souls 2 a little. Still really enjoy it (not going to get Scholar of the First Sin though, already got the DLC).

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    • I haven't played MH4U yet either, so maybe we could grind through the boring lower-ranks together some time. I'm also really hoping for MH5 to wow me and reignite my passion for the series.

      I don't have a PS4 either (it has no games that interest me other than Bloodborne that aren't also on PC), and I've only just recently started playing Dark Souls 2 (I never got around to buying it at release, so I waited until Scholar of the First Sin came out). I'm having a lot of fun with it, but the double-speed weapon degradation bug on PC really sucks though.

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    • One of my issues with MH4U is that all the new monsters are great, there just aren't enough of them. And no-one in the damn world wants to fight Gypceros again. If MH5 can do something about this, my interest would be piqued.

      Yeah, I played it around release and there was much gnashing of teeth on the internet about how inferior it was to Dark Souls 1, to much rehashing of enemies, the lore makes no sense, poor level design, etc etc. All of which are complaints I can empathise with to some degree, but I still really enjoyed it. Plus the three DLC areas (Shulva, Brume Tower and Eleum Loyce) are some of the best damn areas in any Souls game.

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