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Thank you though unfortunately the Navirou Outfit renders are misnamed given that there already [[:Category:MHST Navirou Outfit Renders|Navirou Outfit Renders]] on the site so you may want to rename some files and delete the [[:File:MHST-Navirou Outfit Render 001.png|duplicate]] since the one you had already here previously is slightly higher quality.
Thank you.
And if possible, it might be a good idea to rename the follwing as well:
*MHST-Pompompurin Render 001.png to MHST-Navirou Render 001.png
*MHST-Mahho Render 001.png to MHST-Majek Render 001.png
*Manelger.png to MHST-Doctor Manelger Render 001.png
*Sophie.png to MHST-Protagonist (Female) Render 001.png
*Ratha2.png to MHST-Rathalos Render 003.png
*Fahali.png to MHST-Fahail Render 001.png
*Mil.png to MHST-Mil Render 001.png
*NavirouThunder-0.png to MHST-Navirou Thunder Render 001.png
*MHS-Senior Rider Render 001.png to MHST-Dan Render 001.png
[[:File:MHST-Kushala Daora Render 002.png|Kushala Daora Render 002.png]] and [[:File:MHST-Teostra Render 002.png|Teostra Render 002.png]] also seem to have been [[:File:MHST-Kushala Daora Render 003.png|accidentally]] [[:File:MHST-Teostra Render 003.png|duplicated]] as well.

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Thank you.

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