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In-Game Description

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Unlike its standard counterpart, this distinctively-striped Zamtrios subspecies dwells primarily in desert climes, and can employ its ability to expand and contract its body even while in motion, making it an even more formidable adversary.


  • Order: Caudata
  • Suborder: Monster Shark
  • Family: Zamtrios

Tigerstripe Zamtrios are a subspecies of the standard Zamtrios and are members of the Amphibian class. The Guild is currently searching for Zamites within the Dunes to prove that the Tigerstripe Zamtrios are a true subspecies.

Habitat Range

Unlike their relatives that roam the bone-chilling Frozen Seaway, these Zamtrios inhabit the desolate and dry Dunes near oases. They use the oases to get water for many of their abilities, such as inflating themselves and to store said water for themselves.

Ecological Niche

Tigerstripe Zamtrios are deadly predators high amongst the food chain. The serrated teeth, paralyzing fluids and powerful claws of these amphibians can make short work of their preferred prey. Native prey for the amphibians consist of ApcerosRhenoplosKelbi and Hermitaur as these are easier to kill and less dangerous than other creatures. With their large size and strength an adult Tigerstripe Zamtrios is also capable of stealing the kills of lesser predators like CephalosGendromeGreat Jaggi and Desert Seltas. If given the opportunity the large amphibians will also prey on these lesser monsters. Due to living within the harsh dunes competition for resources is intense for the Tigerstripe Zamtrios. The known competitors of Tigerstripe Zamtrios are Pink RathianCephadromeDeviljhoRajangShrouded Nerscylla and Seregios. The Nibelsnarf is also a major competitor for Tigerstripe Zamtrios, due to its matching size and massive jaws.

Biological Adaptations

Tigerstripe Zamtrios lack the ice armor for defense that their relatives possess. In order to make up for this, the Tigerstripe Zamtrios has evolved a new defense mechanism. Unlike its relatives the fluids inside its body can be liquified to help the creature greatly expand in size instantly. When deflating itself, the Tigerstripe Zamtrios can breath these fluids out of its mouth and use them as a long range weapon. Due to living in the Dunes, the skin of these Amphibians have excellent water retention and has also changed color for camouflage. The scales of these creatures are smooth to the touch and are good in resisting the roughness of sand. The tail of this amphibian is said to be able to kill its prey with one strike.


Although the Tigerstripe Zamtrios are smaller than their relatives, they are much more aggressive. They will patrol their territories above ground when the temperatures aren't too hot.


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