The timeline of Monster Hunter world before and during each generation of the games.


Before the Games

Ancient Times

Before the continuity of the games, ancient species of monsters, such as Igurueibisu and Wyvern Rex, ruled the world before time went on. During those ancient times, many species of Elder Dragons thrived in their environments and lived in harmony with other creatures. During this time, nature was truly in harmony with itself. It is unknown how some environments could have possibly changed overtime.

Great Forest Brawl

In ancient times, a brawl took place in the Great Forest. This fight was between a Espinas and an unknown Elder Dragon over supremacy. Espinas was the ruler and protected its home with all of its might, even going as far as taking on an Elder Dragon to stay. Through determination and power, Espinas was able to defeat the Elder Dragon and claim its title as Lord of the Great Forest. This makes Espinas one of the few monsters equal to an Elder Dragon.

Ancient Seas

During ancient times, the deserts were great seas filled with the ancestors of some monsters seen today. For example, Jhen Mohran's ancestors ruled the sea before evolving to swim in the sands of the Great Desert. Another example is Gasurabazura's ancestors, which were once an aquatic species that eventually moved to land due to severe droughts.

Heaven Mount's Creation

In old folktales, it is said that a giant Elder Dragosn dug through the mountains, changing the shape of the once towering structures. Now the mountains have markings all over them, showing where each of these Elder Dragons dug. Now chunks of the mountains are falling to the ground and the formations don't look natural in the slightest. It is said that these giant Elder Dragons went underground once they were done with the mountains. This is how Heaven's Mount was created.

Giant Red Comets

Since ancient times, there have been reports about "giant red comets" flying in the sky. These comets are seen very rarely, however, it is said that many live in an area beyond the clouds. Though these comets are rarely seen, they have been reported all over the world.

Thunder Wolf Wyvern King

With one howl, the heavens loose a thousand flashes, and ten thousand peals of thunder. Approach it not, anger it not -- for the wrath of the 'Thunderlord' shows no mercy.

Ancient Civilization

It is unknown when exactly the Ancient Civilization appeared in the world, or if they even existed alongside some ancient species, but their presence meant the downfall for wyverns and dragons. Look at the Ancient Civilization page for more information.

Great Dragon War

Due to the Ancient Civilization's life forms requiring the death of a mass number of dragons, it angered all the other dragons and put them in a war. The dragons were sick of their kind being used by humanity as near cattle and were angered by the fact that humans forgot the rules of nature. They than decided to breakaway from humans and destroy humanity. This began a long, violent war between humanity and dragons that spread worldwide, leaving behind mass destruction just about everywhere. Though it is unknown what exactly happened in the war, The Legend of the Black Dragon is said to describe all that happened in the Great Dragon War. This war ended with most of the dragons extinct and with Ancient Civilization gone for good.

Grace vs. Power

In the middle of the Great Dragon War, two powerful Elder Dragons were fighting against each other. This battle was a power struggle, one that has remained legendary to this very day. The two Elder Dragons that were fighting were Shantien and Disufiroa. It is unknown which one actually won the battle, but it is believed that Disufiroa won. This makes Disufiroa the strongest monster, according to the Mezeporta District of the Hunter's Guild.

The Great Wyvern Disaster

Thousands of years ago, a disaster hit Schrade Kingdom without any warning. This disaster stroke the eastern and western parts of Schrade Kingdom at the same time, as if the disaster came from the middle of the kingdom. It is believed a chaotic force brought the kingdom to its knees. After this disaster, eerie clouds covered the once great kingdom, leaving it in calamity and ruins. The ruins aren't inhabited by anything, even powerful monsters avoid Schrade Kingdom. All living things avoid that place as if they were scared of something there, except one. Merchants and travelers, that have traveled close to the kingdom, report seeing some type of "dragon" inhabiting it and being severely scared to death as if an evil presence lives in that forgotten kingdom. The Hunter's Guild have sent many elite hunters to investigate the kingdom about this so called "dragon" for a few decades now, however, most of them never comeback after going to that place. Those few hunters who do return have a shocked, frightening look to their face, with a blink expression, and prefer to remain silent towards others, as if something truly scared them in that kingdom. It is said that Castle Schrade was destroyed due to them having a war with this mysterious dragon.

The Black Dragon That Destroyed The Sea

In ancient times, a settlement lived near the sea. During those times, it was peaceful and nothing disturbed them. Though they lived near the sea, danger was still around. Unknown to them, a few islands close by were being sunken by a large Elder Dragon. This Elder Dragon was approaching their home, as it left destruction behind. Sometime later, the settlements were attacked by this "Black Dragon" that boiled the sea. This monster's presences alone, killed all sea life around, tainting the once clear water with blood. The residents of this settlement fought back against the Elder Dragon and were able to repel it. This monster disappeared back in the sea before the people could destroy its heart. After this battle, a lighthouse was built, along with Port Tanzia, to protect the home of these people. By the common locals, it is only called the Tanzia Lighthouse, but, by older locals, it is called the Black Dragon Exorcism Lighthouse due to it supposedly repelling the evil of Dire Miralis.

Castle of the Sands

Legends spoke about a "castle" in the desert. This legendary castle was said to be crimson in color and said to be what shaped the Sekumea Desert.

Heaven's Wheel

A long time ago, a strange black wind covered a whole mountain in chaos. This wind made all the monsters living on the mountain go crazy, as well as surrounding areas. These monsters had turned feral and began to fight each other, leaving behind corpses. This wind had corrupted all monsters that it had touched, however, something seemed to have been at the center of this whole event. Folktales describe a bright wheel that had darkened sky. This wheel was known to hover in the area with appearance of a star and said to be the reason why the monsters had turned crazy. This figure is said to be the "Punishing God of the Mountains", Shagaru (Japanese シャガル).

The Rise of Hunting

Hundreds of years after the fall of the Ancient Civilization, some Wyverians began to hunt down monsters. This was the beginning of the hunting career. These Wyverians were known to wander the world in search of excitement and to be one with nature itself, due to having a great compassion for it and its many life forms. Besides hunting, some Wyverians became merchants and began to take request from people to do certain things, such as gathering mushrooms or mining for rare ore. The main reason why the Wyverians started hunting is, because humanity was defenseless against the harsh monsters that haunted many areas. This led to Wyverians protecting humans against said monsters due to them taking pity on the poor humans. Some of humanity saw this act and followed in the footsteps of the Wyverians. This eventually led to the Hunter's Guild forming some time later.

The Hunter's Guild is Formed

Sometime after the fall of the Ancient Civilization and the rise of hunting, the Hunter's Guild was formed in order to help preserve all species and to harmonize humanity with nature. This led to the corporation growing overtime and becoming well-known among the world for its hunters and hunting restrictions. Other corporations soon formed, such as the Royal Paleontology Scriveners and Elder Dragon Observation Team.

The Elusive Eclipse

Around the world in certain regions, locals have reported seeing an unusual wyvern cloaked in black scales. This led to a wide search by the Hunter's Guild to find this wyvern. The Guild sent out hunters to search for this monster, but most hunters didn't find any signs of this wyvern. Though most trails went cold, some hunters have reported seeing it. One eyewitness described a monster with elegant golden scales that shined in the darkness. Another eyewitness described the wyvern to have two unusual purple horns and six limbs. What both eyewitness claims have in common is that this monster was seemingly able to cause an eclipse in the area. Now the Guild has decided to search for more information about this unknown monster and keep it unknown to the public at this time.

Lost in Bamboo

Years ago, a village within the Bamboo Forest lived in harmony with a mysterious Elder Dragon, now known as Inagami. Though most Elder Dragons hated humans, this particular one actually wasn't bothered by them. Inagami lived in peace with them and never bothered the humans due to it spending most of its time in the Bamboo Forest. Though it lived in harmony with the humans, Inagami had one term: "Don't take advantage of my powers." Inagami has the power to rapidly grow plants, such as bamboo. If humans ever broke this term with Inagami, then it would destroy their village and prevent any intruders from entering the Bamboo Forest again.

On one particular year, the village had trouble growing crops to feed themselves, leading them to starve. They became desperate, so the villagers tried to figure out ways to get their crops growing again. Eventually, the villagers decide to trick Inagami into growing their crops with its unique powers. Though this trick worked, the village was soon destroyed by Inagami due to the villagers breaking their agreement with the Elder Dragon. Now Inagami protects the Bamboo Forest from all intruders that dare enter it, while the villagers, such as Leila and Diva, were forced to find a new home.

Devil of the Desert

In the desert, there was folktales that talked about a devil that was called the Tyrant of Massacre (Japanese 鏖殺の暴君). This devil was bathed in the blood of all the enemies who dared to face off against it. Many powerful kingdoms became wary of this beast due to it being capable of wiping out whole armies. This devil even defeated the most skilled warriors in combat, including hunters like Lavanda and Wehner. This beast eventually became known as Massacre Demon and only a handful of skilled hunters are allowed to hunt this beast down.

Total Eclipse

"When disaster covers the heavens, the darkness shall swallow the blue, mist shall creep upon the ancient land, and shadow shall conceal the light. The kingless throne, a garden of the hunt, the one of great legend returns."

Wycademy is Established

Long ago, Bherna was visited by the Royal Paleontology Scriveners, who were investigating the area for fossils of an extinct species of monster. These fossils belong to some kind of unidentified giant monster. From the Royal Paleontology Scriveners investigation and report of this fossil, the team managed to help establish the Wycademy. By using various fossils found within the area, the Wycademy and the Royal Paleontology Scriveners helped build up Bherna into a village. They also used the fossils to build unique weapons.

1st Generation

The Hero of Kokoto

Considered the creator and father of hunting, the Kokoto Chief was once a legendary hunter. He was one of the first hunters that appeared after the fall of the Ancient Civilization and was well known for taking on any monster that stood in his way. His most well known hunt was against Monoblos. Though he was still in his prime, he didn't actually hunt alone all the time. He hunted together with three unnamed Wyverians, which were his own friends, before his own wife eventually joined in on some of his hunts. These hunts eventually led to a tragic event only known as the Five. After this event, the Kokoto Chief retired and now acts as the head for Kokoto Village. Nowadays, he tries to make the village "Soul of Monster Hunting", as well recruit hunters to protect the village.

Rise of the Legendary Gunner

Many years of after the Kokoto Chief's retirement, other legendary hunters began to rise in popularity and begin hunting down rare monsters. One of these legendary hunters lived in Kokoto Village, alongside Kokoto Chief. This person was known as the Legendary Gunner (Japanese 伝説のガンナー). He was well known for hunting down a lot sorts of monsters, however, his career seemingly ended due to a fight with a White Monoblos. This hunt led to one of his legs getting injured, causing him to lose faith in hunting down any other monsters. During this time of depression, the Legendary Gunner sat down behind one of the houses without any purpose for an unknown amount of time. It wasn't until he saw an unnamed hunter pull out the Hero's Blade that he was given a purpose to continue hunting, which was to continue to protect the public from dangerous monsters. Now he continues his hunting career as the Legendary Gunner once again.

Minegarde's Path is Blocked

Due to some kind of landslide, the path to Minegarde Town is now blocked by rubble and no one, at least within Kokoto Village, can to go the town. Due to this, hunters within Kokoto Village are forced to use the bar as a temporary gathering hall. It is unknown if this rubble is still blocking the mountain side path to Minegarde Town.

Hell Hunters

In Minegarde, there were two legendary hunters called the Hell Hunters. These hunters are far beyond any normal hunter, making them known across the world. Once, these brothers took on a Lunastra and a Ashen Lao-Shan Lung at the same time effortlessly, as if they were otherworldly. Another time, these two disappeared to hunt an unknown Elder Dragon. From such hunts, many novice hunters hope to get on their level one day, but very few can actually compare to them. The two brothers have even appeared on a few issues of Hunting Life Magazine, including on the cover pages of some issues. With each hunt, excitement fuels them to take on their next foe!

Great Forest Expedition

Despite popular belief, the Royal Paleontology Scriveners actually started studying the Great Forest as early as the first generation. This corporation began studying this area's ecosystem for sometime, in order to discover new species living in the environment. One of the first new species reported was Hypnocatrice, but the hunting ban wasn't lifted off the monster for sometime. The Royal Paleontology Scriveners also discovered Shakalaka villages deep within the Great Forest and began to hear rumors about a "Walking Shadow" that hid in the darkness of the forest.

2nd Generation

Plesioth's Scars

While he was still young, Master Shipwright was a hunter for the Hunter's Guild. He went on many adventures throughout his as a hunter, however, this all ended eventually. One day while riding on a ship, Master Shipwright was heading to his next assignment before an unexpected event transpired. The ship was attacked by a giant Plesioth near the shores of the Jungle. Though he fought against the beast using his Anchor Hammer, the giant Plesioth was able to sink the ship and injure Master Shipwright. Due to an injury on his left arm and right leg, he was forced to retire from hunting. Now he helps build ships in Jumbo Village and teaches the future generation how to build said vessels.

Building Up Jumbo Village

At the request of the Hunter's Guild, an unnamed hunter is sent out to help Jumbo Village, a small village near the Jungle, at the request of the Jumbo Chief. The Jumbo Chief wants to build his village up to be the "Second Dundorma" (Japanese 第二のドンドルマ), so it can be something special. With the help of this hunter, Jumbo Village is able to grow bigger and better overtime. Soon hunters are able to rent houses for themselves and go to bars for entertainment, along take hunting requests. Even training halls are built for the hunters. Eventually, a few docks and boatyards are made around the village for trading purposes. Once the village is in working order, Jumbo Chief decides to leave Jumbo Village in order to build a new settlement in a far away land.

New Protector of Pokke

For many years, Pokke Village had an old hunter that acted as the protector for its people. This hunter protected the village on daily basis since few visited the area and from their being little protection from monster attacks. Though he protected the village for a few decades, he was eventually forced to retire due to injures he had sustained from a Tigrex. This led to Pokke Village sending out a request for a new hunter to protect it from some native monsters like Giadrome, Bulldrome, Khezu, and Blangonga. This unnamed hunter soon came to Pokke Village and began to protect it like the old hunter. It is unknown if this unnamed hunter is still protecting Pokke Village, but recently more hunters have began to stay in the area. These new hunters also protect the village from any monsters that dare try to attack it.

A Pioneer in Search of New Lands

Shortly after all of Jumbo Village's advancements, the Jumbo Chief decides to leave the village in the care of his adoptive daughter, Patty, before venturing out to make a new town. During his travels, Jumbo Chief had traveled through many types of environments, such as the Desert. Eventually, he followed a Rathalos flying over head that led him to a new land that he soon claimed. Now Jumbo Chief travels the world alone in order to discover new lands.

Nargacuga's Discovery

For a long time, villagers reported seeing a black wyvern hiding in the shadows of the Great Forest. The Hunter's Guild saw these reports as near rumors until one attacked a group of Guild Knights. The Guild Knights killed this wyvern and brought the monster's body back to the Guild for study. This led to the discovery of the long rumored Nargacuga.

Minegarde Town's Exchange with Dundorma

Due to an overflow of quests around this time and few hunters accepting them, Minegarde Town sends a large number of these assignments to the Dundorma district of the Hunter's Guild. Minegarde Town also sends a majority of its staff to the Dundorma district in order to help out fellow Guild Employees. Now Minegarde Town is understaffed with very few hunters. It is unknown if this has changed.

Akantor is Cornered

After a long tedious battle, a Military Force has cornered an Akantor in the Battleground. Now the Hunter's Guild is requested to send a hunter to finish the "Black God" off. In the end, the an unnamed hunter is successful in taking down the Akantor.

The White God is Coming

Years after being repelled by the ancestor of Pokke Village Chief and Treshi, Ukanlos. It is feared that it'll destroy the whole mountain before heading towards Pokke Village. The Hunter's Guild sends out a request for elite hunters to hunt the monster down.

3rd Generation

New World Discoveries

New monster classes are discovered within the New World. Brute Wyverns, Fanged Wyverns, and Leviathans were all first discovered in this region, however, some of them have been recently seen in the Old World as of late. Besides new monster classes, some new species were witnessed in the New World.

Moga's Investigation

Sometime in the past, Moga Chief was still a young hunter in his prime with a sense of adventure. He had taken on many foes and had acted as a captain for his own ship. Moga Chief was even specialized in hunting down monsters underwater. Though he was successful with his work, Moga Chief was eventually greatly injured in a fight with an Ivory Lagiacrus, causing him to retire from his hunting career. Despite hanging up his mantle as a hunter, he decided to watch over the land of his ancestors, the Underwater Ruin under the surface of the Deserted Island. In order to help do this easily, he volunteered to investigate Moga for the Hunter's Guild and now Moga Chief has rich connections with the Guild, including the Wyverians. Eventually, he founded Moga Village in memory of his ancestors old land.

Investigation of the Earthquakes

Residents of Moga Village have been reporting unusual earthquakes in the area. It is feared that these earthquakes will eventually sink the island, along with the village, so the Moga Chief sends out a request for the Guild to send a hunter. The Hunter's Guild sends out an unnamed hunter to investigate the earthquakes and discover what is causing these earthquakes. The villagers believe a Lagiacrus is causing the earthquakes, so the hunter trains in order to face it. During this time, the hunter slowly crafts new equipment and improves as time goes on. The unnamed hunter also rescues two young Shakalaka, Cha-Cha and Kayamba, which become worthy allies. Eventually, the hunter truly becomes a "Monster Hunter" and finally slays the mighty Lagiacrus, however, this doesn't stop the earthquakes. Soon after, other places near Moga Village report tsunamis wrecking havoc around the area. Due to this, Cha-Cha decides to go on his own investigation to find out what is causing the earthquakes. He discoveries that the earthquakes were being caused by a giant Elder Dragon called Ceadeus. Once the monster is identified, the Hunter's Guild decides to order the residents of Moga to leave the area for safety. Though they request for the villagers to do this, the unnamed hunter goes against their orders and decides to face off against Ceadeus. After a long fight, the hunter is able to cut the Ceadeus's beard and slice off one of its horns, causing the Elder Dragon to flee. Finally, Moga Village's peace is restored.

Switch Axe is Discovered

Sometime before Ceadeus is discovered, the Argosy Captain brings back a unique weapon class that hasn't been seen before by the Guild. This weapon class is known as the Switch Axe and first crafted within the eastern part of the world.

Sacred Land

For years, airships were disappearing in the Sacred Land. Geologist were trying to figure out why, but most assumed it was just the weather in the area. One geologist performed further research on the Sacred Land before discovering some unusual weather patterns in the area. Airships have reported blizzards, thunderstorms, and firestorms in the Sacred Land, yet it isn't possible for all these natural disasters to appear at once in a single area. The geologist began to suspect that some kind of unnatural monster was living in the Sacred Land. Rumors began to pop up about a mysterious monster living in the Sacred Land, but they varied. Some rumors said that the monster had a dark red glow to it, while others said that the monster had a bright white glow. There was even claims that the monster was darker than the night sky. No Royal Paleontology Scriveners teams or hunters have looked into these rumors, however, the Hunter's Guild supposedly knows what is causing the airships to crash. Some people have reportedly heard Guild Knights and other Guild Employees, such as the Loc Lac Chief, mention the name of an unknown monster. This name is "Alatreon".

Zinogre Invasion

Due to a storm striking the mountains, a large population of Zinogre left them in order to find new homes. This search for new homes, however, has caused many of them to come too close to Yukumo Village. Due to this, the Yukumo Chief sends out a request for a hunter to protect the village from them. This also causes the Hunter's Guild to lift the hunting ban off the Zinogre.

Mysterious Hurricanes

For hundreds of years, the villages within the Misty Peaks, such as Yukumo Village, were struck by powerful hurricanes. Each year, these hurricanes would destroy the land and leave behind destruction. Though it was seen as nothing more then just a yearly storm, some villagers reported seeing something "swimming" in the storm. Many residents feared that the storms was caused by the God of the Heavens (Japanese 天の神). This led to the Elder Dragon Observation Team looking into these mysterious storms. Airships were dispatched to look into these storms, however, all of them were shot down mysteriously by something. One of the airships eventually reported seeing a monster inside this storm, which was soon called Amatsu. This Elder Dragon was spoken about throughout Yukumo's history and was the cause of many past disasters that hit the region.

Brachydios's Discovery

Sometime after Ceadeus was defeated, the Hunter's Guild started to get reports about a mysterious Brute Wyvern wandering around in the Volcano (3rd). This Brute Wyvern was described to use its "arms" as a weapon and leave behind a green slime mold on the ground. This slime mold would eventually explode after a set period of time passed. Eventually, an unnamed hunter was able to kill and bring a specimen to the Guild, so they could aggressively research the monster's body. Soon the species was named Brachydios.

Dire Miralis's Return

After disappearing into the sea, Dire Miralis had finally returned to bring destruction to Port Tanzia. Though Port Tanzia was built to stop this beast in its tracks, the Tanzia Port Boss requested for the Hunter's Guild to send a group of hunters to attempt to slay the this legendary Elder Dragon. The hunters were able to slay the Elder Dragon, however, it is unknown if they were able to destroy this monster's immortal heart.

Researching the Tower at Night

Ever since the Hunter's Guild started researching the Great Forest, there have been reports about sightings of "White Nargacuga" in the area. It wasn't until they started getting reports of them in the Tower at night that the Guild decided to look into these rumors. On a foggy night during a full moon, researchers discovered the elusive Lucent Nargacuga.

Legend from the Dark Abyss

In folktales, it is said that a devil lives in the darkest part of the sea. It was rumored that giant Lagiacrus lived in the dark abyss, but it was simply looked over by the Guild. It wasn't until a report came in about one in the Underwater Ruins that Abyssal Lagiacrus was identified by the Hunter's Guild.

4th Generation

Operation: Magala

The Ace Commander and his team are sent to study the mysterious Gore Magala in secret. Their main job is to learn more about this strange wyvern and gather as much information about as they can in secret.

The Article

The Caravaneer and The Man have been treasure hunting for a few years now and have been trying to discover the identity of an unusual treasure they have found, called the "Article". This shiny gem is a true mystery for them, so they decide to make a new team to help them figure out its origins. This new team is made up of Sophia, the Wycoon, Street Cook, and an unnamed hunter. It is decided by the caravan to go to Cathar in order to find the identity of the "Article". Before going to Cathar, the caravan goes to Harth so that the Troverians can build them a ship. These plans are soon halted, however, due to a Nerscylla's nest blocking the flow of lava for the village, preventing the Troverians from building the caravan a ship. So the unnamed hunter is sent to slay the Nerscylla and is successful in their objective. With the lava now flowing in Harth again, the Troverians get to work and build the caravan a ship. Before continuing their journey, they are joined by Little Miss Forge. As they sail through the Great Sea, they are attacked by a mysterious monster that is cloaked in black scales before they are saved by the "Ace Hunters". This attack causes them to land on Cheeko Sands, where they soon learn the identity of the monster that attacked them. This monster is called Gore Magala and the Hunter's Guild has sent the Ace Hunters to investigate the wyvern in secret. The Ace Hunters soon leave after telling the caravan, before the team learn that Cathar is high in the skies. The caravan plans to go back to Harth in order to modify the ship before an urgent request is sent to them from Val Habar. This request came from the Ace Commander himself, requesting for the unnamed hunter to find his men, the Ace Lancer and Ace Cadet, before the worse happens to them. The unnamed hunter finds the Ace Commander's men, however, the Gore Magala also finds them. The unnamed hunter is forced to face off against the Gore Magala, while the Ace Commander's men escape from the Everwood. The hunter is able to repel the Gore Magala before returning to Val Habar with the Ace Commander's men. Finally, the unnamed hunter has the privilege to hunt down the Gore Magala and seemingly slays the beast for good. When an investigation team went to go get the body of Gore Magala, they found nothing, but a molted shell. The Gore Magala played dead before slipping away from the oblivious hunter. The Gore Magala soon molts in the Everwood before returning to the Sanctuary in its adult form. The caravan, unaware of the Gore Magala's sudden change, go back to Harth to modify the ship before heading to Cathar. The caravan land on Cathar and learn about its many legends, including one about "Heaven's Wheel", while trying to figure out what the "Article" is. The Caravaneer is told that the "Article" is an artifact of great evil that once hit Heaven's Mount, turning all the monsters into savage beasts that just want to kill everything in their way. Not too long after arriving, villagers begin to report black mist in the area and monsters running wild all over the mountains. These monsters have a purple hue and red eyes like a demon. The monsters have been infected by the Frenzy Virus and a god has returned to bring chaos to the mountains. It is discovered that Gore Magala had molted into an unidentified Elder Dragon. This Elder Dragon is given the name, Shagaru Magala. The Hunter's Guild request for the unnamed hunter to slay the Elder Dragon before it can further destroy the ecosystem. The hunter is able to slay the Shagaru Magala, ending this prolonged battle with this rival.

Najarala Rediscovered

Thought to be extinct, researchers are shocked to find that Najarala are thriving in the Primal Forest. The species has finally been rediscovered!

The Serpent King Awakens

Dalamadur is discovered to be a living legend after mountains are destroyed and crustal deformation around the Speartip Crag.

The Virus Spreads

Due to Shagaru Magala dying, its virus is able to roam free and spread across different lands. The virus finds its way on a small land where the Seregios live, infecting some of them and turning one of them into an Apex Monster. This leads to the "Seregios Invasion".

Seregios Invasion

Seregios are sent searching for new lands due to an Apex individual, violently attacking and infecting them with the Frenzy Virus. This forces a large horde of Seregios to find new territories, placing them in direct competition with other large predatory monsters. This leads to violent fights breaking out between native species and the invasive Seregios. In order to control the sudden Seregios outbreak, the Hunter's Guild lifts the hunting ban off the invasive species, allowing hunters to freely hunt them down.

Rebuilding Dundorma

Not too long after Shagaru Magala is discovered, the caravan is requested by the Ace Commander to come to Dundorma. He wants the caravan's unnamed hunter to help his team rebuild and better fortify the Battlequarters, so that the town can be better equipped for an Elder Dragon attack.

Slaying the Apex Predator

The unnamed hunter is sent to slay the Apex Seregios in the Everwood, so that its reign of terror can be put to an end and to prevent it from attacking Dundorma.

It Can't Exist

A few months after Shagaru Magala is slain, a report comes in about a Gore Magala in Heaven's Mount. It is said by the client that this particular individual making unusual moans and growls like it is trying to become something else. Hunters are dispatched to find and slay the individual before returning with the monster's corpse. When the Elder Dragon Observation Team researchers first saw this deformed specimen, they were simply shocked. The researchers said "Something like this is impossible! It shouldn't even exist..." This rare individual was soon given the name Chaotic Gore Magala.

Thief of Dundorma

For a long time, Dundroma was constantly attacked by all sorts of Elder Dragons. To defend the town against these threats, they made all sorts of powerful weapons to defend the town, which eventually led to them making the Original Dragonator to defend the town. The Original Dragonator alone defeated many foes and defended Dundorma time after time. From this success, it became the symbol of the town. Over time, however, the Dragonator got old and wasn't as useful as it once was so the town replaced it with a newer, more powerful one. The old Dragonator was put into a weapons warehouse by His Immenseness and was left there as a memory for Dundorma. One night in that warehouse, the old Dragonator, along with large amounts of explosives and gunpowder, disappeared mysteriously. The cause of it was unknown, but a black goo was left behind. Many years later, the same thing happened to many of the explosives and gunpowder in the warehouse, but more often than before. Like before, a black goo was left behind and it was discovered to be highly flammable. It was later discovered to be pure oil and a trace of this oil was found close to the outflow source for Dundorma. The Guild Knights followed the trail and saw a giant Elder Dragon leaving Dundorma. They found some gunpowder on its body and saw the Original Dragonator on its back. From this alone, they identified it as the Warehouse Thief and say it likes to feed on explosives, along with gunpowder. From the discovery of this monster, the Guild labeled it as a monster that needs to be repelled from its huge size and being capable of destroying towns. The Guild also gave it the name, Gogmazios.

Raging Dual Arms

After decoding one of the Ancient Civilization's codex, the Hunter's Guild soon discover the existence of Raging Brachydios.

Rise of the Snake Emperor

A large number of Dalamadur rise from the ground of Heaven's Mount before the Hunter's Guild discovers Shah Dalamadur with the help of a codex.

Embodiment of War and Rage

In legend, a particular Crimson Fatalis lays dormant for many years before awakening when certain conditions are met to its liken. Once awakened, this Crimson Fatalis is said to go on a rampage, bring destruction to all that it encounters. This Crimson Fatalis is even said to be preparing to start a war.

Hyper Monsters

About a year after Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala are discovered, reports begin to come in about monsters covered in a black mist. This mist will increase the strength of a monster's body part, allowing for the host to deliver more powerful blows. This state is soon called the Hyper State by the Hunter's Guild and Wycademy. The cause of this state is unknown, however, it is theorized to be some kind of disease in nature or caused by an unknown Elder Dragon. There is even rumors about researchers making the Hyper Monsters by testing the effects of Frenzy Crystals on test subjects.

Wycademy Hunter

A new unnamed hunter is sent to the Wycademy at the request of the Hunter's Guild. The hunter's job is to protect the investigation team from monsters in the Jurassic Frontier, while they conduct research on the island. The hunter is also tasked with discovering more info about known species of monsters and to handle request for other regions.

Disappearing Airships

Within the Jurassic Frontier is a dead zone where airships disappear. Every time an airship passes over this particular land, it is shot out of the sky by an unknown entity. The crew on these airships are eaten by something after being shot out of the sky. Not too long after the airships disappeared, populations around the Jurassic Frontier began to decrease and strange sightings began to appear. Investigation teams reported a "two-headed dragon" within the land where the airships would reported disappear at. The Wycademy and Hunter's Guild were shocked to discover this mysterious monster's nest. They were astonished to see a land filled with the bones of wyverns and other species. This land was called the "Wyvern's End", while this new Elder Dragon was given the name "Nakarkos".

Operation: Valphalk

The Wycademy Ship Recon is built to venture across the world, as well as to further study Valphalk and Ruined Ridge. Valphalk was a long thought to be extinct Elder Dragon that had recently been rediscovered by the Wycademy. Now they are ready to do a full on investigation on the monster, as well as craft a new map for exploration purposes.

The Walking Treasure

While hunters were attacking a Lao-Shan Lung in the Fortress, another giant monster appeared out of nowhere. This giant monster approached the fortress and attacked it, while Military Forces tried to repel the behemoth. This monster stole some equipment from the inner parts of the fortress before disappearing mysteriously like a ghost. The Military Forces looked around for the monster, but only found debris and other material all over the ground. This led to them concluding that whatever the monster was wore the debris like a suit of armor. Though there was debris all over the ground, there was no tracks or any other traces of the behemoth left. With so little information left behind at the scene, the Hunter's Guild had a hard time narrowing down what exactly this monster was and where it came from. However, after further investigation, the Hunter's Guild eventually found a link. They discovered an abandoned fortress in a particular desert, where they believed this monster was living at. Soon the Hunter's Guild prepared for a full-fledged raid on the fortress with the help of some elite hunters and air support from some Airships. In the fortress, the Hunter's Guild finally discovered Atoraru Ka.

Return of the Devil

Lavanda and Wehner get a report from the Wycademy that the infamous Massacre Demon Diablos had resurfaced out of nowhere. Now they allow an unnamed hunter to hunt the devil down and end it, once and for all!

5th Generation

Venturing to the New World

Once every decade, elder dragons trek across the sea to travel to the land known as the New World in a migration referred to as the Elder Crossing.

To get to the bottom of this mysterious phenomenon, the Guild has formed the Research Commission, dispatching them in large fleets to the New World.

Frontier Generation

Mezeporta is Founded

In the past, Mezeporta was attacked by many Elder Dragons before it was eventually established by Dundorma. Mezeporta was a base for hunters in Dundorma before it eventually became its own independent district of the Hunter's Guild. Each year, Mezeporta grows and expands with time.

Espinas Discovered

Shortly after the Great Forest was discovered, reports came in about a Flying Wyvern living in the giant tree of the area. This led to the investigating the tree and discovering the monster resting inside of the gigantic structure. The monster was soon called Espinas due to native people calling the monster that.

Espinas Subspecies

Not too long after Espinas's discovery, the Hunter's Guild soon finds an Espinas Subspecies living on the Tower, not too far away from the Great Forest.

Akura Invasion

In the desert, reports began to come in about a scorpion-like monster covered in crystals appearing in the desert. Soon the Hunter's Guild figure out that the monster is Akura Vashimu. This monster species isn't native to the Desert, but comes from another the Akura Region. Due to them invading the Desert, the Hunter's Guild allows for hunters to freely hunt them down.

Great Forest Peak

The Hunter's Guild ventures up to giant tree of the Great Forest and discovers the Great Forest Peak. Sleeping in the area is a Silver Hypnocatrice, which is also discovered.

Akuras Invade the Swamp

Not too long after the Akura Vashimu incident, the Hunter's Guild discover that Akura Jebia, a subspecies of Akura Vashimu, have begun to invade the Swamp.

Gorge Investigation

The hunting ban is lift off the Gorge and a powerful Flying Wyvern seen living in the area, Berukyurosu.

Glutton Wyvern

Hunters are allowed to hunt down Pariapuria.

Hellfire in the Great Forest

In the Great Forest Peak, there was reports about a white monster that had appeared there. The Hunter's Guild first thought that it was the Silver Hypnocatrice, however, a new rumor came up about huge fires in the area. The Guild dispatched investigators to figure out this mystery before getting an answer. They discovered that the white monster was a White Espinas.

Echos in the Swamp

A few months after the Espinas Rare Species is discovered, reports begin to come in about a decrease in the monster population for the Swamp. Some witnesses claim to have also been hearing strange echos in the swamp. The Hunter's Guild send out a party of hunters to investigate the disturbance before discovery a new species of Fanged Beast, Kamu Orugaron and Nono Orugaron.


Due to volcanic activity underwater, a titanic monster was awakened from its dormancy. Once it was awakened, a nearby island wasn't no longer safe from this monster gluttonous appetite. Soon the island was destroyed by the monster and all of its inhabitants were eaten by it.

The Great Crag Wyvern

The Hunter's Guild sends out a special caravan to investigate an island they recently discovered in the middle of the sea. The caravan is told that the island is filled with life and could very well have some new discoveries on it. When the caravan arrive the island, it is desolate and there is no signs of life on it. At first, it is thought that volcanic eruption wiped out the island, but soon they discover a titanic monster living on the island alone. This monster is discovered to be Laviente.

Lost Ancient Nest

A strange nest is discovered at the within the Tower. The Hunter's Guild send some hunters to investigate the nest before they discover Dyuragaua.

HC Monsters

The Mezeporta District of the Hunter's Guild allows for hunters to hunt down powerful monster individuals. These individuals are called Hardcore Monsters.

Dark Thunder

Reports begin to come in about a Berukyurosu in the Snowy Mountains. The Hunter's Guild soon discover a Subspecies of Berukyurosu called Doragyurosu.


A few months after Dyuragaua was discovered, the Hunter's Guild begins to investigate the Highland. They discover two new species of Herbivore, Erupe and Burukku, before later on discovering that the Highland is a battlefield for predatory monsters. Everyday, large predatory monsters are fighting against each other for supremacy over certain territories in the Highland. One of these giants is Gurenzeburu.

Book of Secrets

The Mezeporta District of the Hunter's Guild allows hunters to use special books in order to study hidden hunting styles that were lost in time. These special books are limited to top notch hunters that have proven themselves worthy to the Guild Master in Mezeporta. These styles require a lot of rigorous training, but the pay off is worth it. These hunting styles include Earth, Storm, and Heaven Style.

Rukodiora Strikes

Mezeporta builds the Interceptor's Base to prevent Elder Dragons and some giant monsters from invading the base. One of these monsters was Rukodiora.


About four months after Rukodiora attacked the Interceptor's Base, reports suddenly came in about black wyverns invading quests. These wyverns resembled Rathian, however, they were much more powerful than any basic Flying Wyvern. It was said that large groups of these wyverns would gather up in certain areas for unknown reasons before disappearing suddenly. The Hunter's Guild have no name for it, but others call it the Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern).

A New Comrade

Mezeporta begins to tame a wild species, known as Halk. This species is quite hostile in the wild, but can be quite cooperative if tamed. Mezeporta allows for hunters to keep and train Halk, so that they can have an additional ally while hunting.

Tide Island

Mezeporta discovers a lone island in the sea. This lone island is called the Tide Island and the Hunter's Guild begins to research the deserted land in order to figure out what lives on it. The Hunter's Guild soon discover a new species of Fanged Beast on the island, Gogomoa.

Abiorugu Invasion

While exploring the New World, the Hunter's Guild discovers a few new monster classes. One of these classes are the Brute Wyverns. It was thought that this monster class was exclusive to the New World until a sudden invasion happened. Reports began to come in about a Brute Wyverns running wild in the Old World. Mezeporta soon investigated the sightings and found a new species of Brute Wyvern called Abiorugu. These Brute Wyverns migrated from the New World to the Old World for unknown reasons.

Caves of the Tide Island

After weeks of controlling the Abiorugu population in the Old World, the Hunter's Guild finally goes back to their original plans of exploring the caves of the Tide Island. In those caves, they discover a new species of Carapaceon called Taikun Zamuza.

The Crystal-Covered Wyvern

Mezeporta discovers a new species of Leviathan, Kuarusepusu, within the Old World. This species is also the first Leviathan species ever discovered in the Old World as well. This discovery made the Hunter's Guild rethink what they originally knew about the Old World.

Sand God of Sekumea Desert

The long dormant Odibatorasu awakens in the Desert after hibernating for a few decades. It returns to feed on all living creatures in the region, placing the desert on high alert. Due to Odibatorasu suddenly reappearing and the possible ecological damage it can cause, the Hunter's Guild allows for hunters to hunt the monster down to prevent its gluttony from destroying the fragile ecosystem.

Supremacy Species

The Hunter's Guild finally allows for elite hunters to test their strength against some of the strongest monsters ever seen. The Supremacy Species (Japanese 覇種) are true foes that require honor, dignity, and at most respect from the hunters due to their unrivaled strength compared to other monsters. These monsters included Odibatorasu, Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern), Pariapuria, Doragyurosu, Aruganosu, Goruganosu, and Teostra.

Exploring the World

A few months after the Supremacy Species are reported, Mezeporta begins to explore the sky by using airships. The Elder Dragon Observation Team and Mezeporta are exploring the skies due to sightings of an unknown Elder Dragon living high in the heavens. This Elder Dragon is described to be extremely hostile to all that enter its domain and to destroy airships on sight. Due to this, Mezeporta builds the Large Exploration Ship in order survey the skies for this Elder Dragon and to find new areas in the world.

Heavenly Flying Dragon

Shortly after the Large Exploration Ship is operational, the Elder Dragon Observation Team discover the legendary Shantien. Mezeporta is surprised to find out that this Elder Dragon is real.

Mezeporta Goes G

Due to Shantien attacking the airships and Mezeporta exploring new lands, the Mezeporta District of the Hunter's Guild finally decides to add G-rank. Now some of the most elite hunters are able to hunt down monsters that haven't been seen before. Mezeporta also gets a new Guild Receptionist for G-rank, Cattleya. For the first few weeks, hunters are allowed to hunt in the recently discovered Polar Sea.

Afro Hypnocatrice

The hunting ban is lifted off Hypnocatrice's close relative, Farunokku.

Needles in the Highland

Hunters are allowed to hunt down Hyujikiki.

Lone Wolf

The hunting ban is lifted off Midogaron.

Two Evil Eyes

Mezeporta begins to get reports about two Fanged Beast destroying the Gorge. These Fanged Beasts are said to be highly cooperative and to be closely related to Rajang. The Fanged Beasts are called Ray Gougarf and Lolo Gougarf.

True Power of Grace

A few months after the first Shantien attacks, Mezeporta finds the monster once again. Mezeporta sends the most elite hunters at their disposal to slay the Elder Dragon once and for all, so they can put end to Shantien's terror in the skies. While fighting the Shantien, the hunters end up seeing the Elder Dragon's true power. Not only is Shantien capable of controlling the Water Element and Thunder Element, it is also able to control the Fire Element. Shantien ends up crashing the Large Exploration Ship in an unknown volcanic environment, leading to one final showdown between it and the hunters. In the end, the hunters are able to slay the Shantien. Though Shantien was defeated, the hunters were stranded on the volcano for a few weeks before the Large Exploration Ship was fully operational again. Shortly after the Large Exploration Ship takes to the sky again, the elite hunters notice a desolate land not too far away from the volcano.

Giaorugu Appears

The hunting ban is lifted off Giaorugu.

King of the Polar Sea

The hunting ban is lifted off Anorupatisu.

Black Fox Wyvern

Ever since Dyuragaua was discovered, there have been reports about "Black Dyuragaua" living in the Tower. Mezeporta dismissed the claims as shameless rumors until one was spotted living in the Nest Hole. The Hunter's Guild sent hunters to take out the monster immediately before bring the specimen back for research purposes. After a few months of studying the monster's body, the Hunter's Guild gave it the name, "Mi Ru".

Rebidiora Attacks

Rebidiora attacks the Interceptor's Base.

The Strongest

Shortly after battling Shantien in the volcano, the Large Exploration Ship takes off and travels to the World's End. It is here where the Hunter's Guild rediscovers the strongest monster, Disufiroa. Due to no sightings of the monster for the past hundred years, the species was thought to be extinct. It is requested for elite hunters to slay this mighty Elder Dragon.

Mysterious Markings

The Ioprey population suddenly decreases in the Swamp. Hunters report seeing strange markings on some Ioprey and Iodrome, but have no clue where they came from.

The Bloodsucking Invader

A member of an investigation team reports seeing an unusual Leviathan sucking the blood of an Iodrome. The Hunter's Guild immediately identifies the monster as Baruragaru, a Leviathan species from a different land. This monster is seen as a threat to the Bird Wyvern population in the Old World, so the Guild lift the hunting ban off it due to it not being native to those lands. If left unchecked, Baruragaru could potentially destroy a fragile ecosystem.

Light in the Heavens

Every few years, light shines on the Tower. When light shines on it, a sacred monster is known to appear due to the light hitting the area. This monster is called Zerureusu. The hunting ban is lifted off the monster whenever it appears on the Tower.

Fatalis's Second Coming

A few months after Zerureusu is seen on top of the Tower, reports begin to come in about some kind of Elder Dragon destroying villages and leaving behind mass destruction in its path. Soon the Hunter's Guild gets a report about a strange event happening in Castle Schrade before secretly sending elite hunters to go to the area. Their mission is to slay the Legendary Black Dragon.

Meraginasu Rediscovered

The long thought to be extinct Meraginasu is rediscovered living in the caves of the Tide Island.

Mezeporta's Creation: Tonfa

Mezeporta creates a unique weapon called the Tonfa. Due to the weapon having many technical problems and being quite difficult to repair, Tonfa aren't really wide spread in the Monster Hunter world. So the Tonfa are a weapon that can only be found in Mezeporta.

The Garden of the Uruki

Flower Field is discovered by the Hunter's Guild, along with Forokururu and Uruki.

The Most Evil Elder Dragon

The Hunter's Guild gets reports about an Elder Dragon living inside of an active volcano. This monster is considered to be the Most Evil Elder Dragon to be far stronger than any have ever seen. The Most Evil Elder Dragon is Crimson Fatalis.

Tigrex's Thunder

The hunting ban is lifted off Diorekkusu.

Protector of the Bamboo Forest

While flying on the Large Exploration Ship, the Hunter's Guild discover a forest covered in bamboo. This place is called the Bamboo Forest by Mezeporta and an investigation team is soon sent into the area in order to study its environment. The Guild soon lose contact with the team after a short period of time before sending out another group to investigate their disappearance. Near a game trail, this group soon discover that a legendary Elder Dragon is living in the Bamboo Forest before discovering this monster is well known to the locals as Inagami. Inagami killed the whole investigation team due to them invading the Bamboo Forest. Weeks later, the Hunter's Guild lift the hunting ban off Inagami and allow hunters to hunt the Elder Dragon down.

The Guild Master and the Golden Dust

Before the Old Guild Master retired, he sent a request for his granddaughter to take over for him. She accepts the request and rides on the Large Exploration Ship to go to Mezeporta. Due to a Shantien rampaging in the sky near Mezeporta, the Large Exploration Ship is forced to take another route in order to avoid the Shantien. Though this different route is mostly safe, the New Guild Master witnesses a golden dust pass the ship. Inside of this golden dust is an unknown Elder Dragon that has never been documented before. Thankfully, this Elder Dragon doesn't notice the ship and the crew fly past the mysterious beast. Soon after the New Guild Master reports this encounter to the Hunter's Guild before the hunting ban is lifted off this monster. Soon the monster is called Garuba Daora.

Disufiroa Returns

After Disufiroa was defeated, it lost control of the ice element and froze itself in suspended animation before it died. About a year later, another Disufiroa came to the World's End before seemingly being defeated by hunters. However, moments after freezing itself, it reawakened and began to fight more fiercely than ever before. Now hunters have to fight the strongest monster once again!

Journey for Revenge

Leila, the sister of the Diva and one of the Legendary Rastas, goes on a rampage after her boyfriend is killed by a Meraginasu. She begins to hunt independently for no rhyme or reason before she is calm downed by her sister and friends, along with an unnamed hunter.

The Shadow

An extremely old Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern) is discovered living on top of the tower. This Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern) is far more powerful than any individuals that have ever been seen.

A Whale of a Story

While exploring the Sky Corridor, the Guild got reports about unusual noises coming from the Highland. These sounds were causing native species to leave their home, as well as giving villagers a headache from how horrible it sounded. The Hunter's Guild sent out an investigation team in order to find out what was causing these weird noises. Soon the investigation team discovered a new giant species of Flying Wyvern. This Flying Wyvern was called Poborubarumu, the Creation Sound Wyvern.

Sky Corridor Investigation

Weeks after being held back by the sudden appearance of Poborubarumu, the Mezeporta district of the Hunter's Guild proceed to send hunters inside of the Sky Corridor in order to discover the secrets within the forgotten tower.

Cactus Power

The Hunter's Guild discovers a new Burst Species known as Varusaburosu before they begin to study the species.

Silver Controlling Dragon

Harudomerugu is discovered in the Snowy Mountains.

Gravios's Ancestor

Droughts have been hitting the desert more rapidly than usual as of late. So an investigation team was sent to see what could be possibly be causing said droughts. This led to the team discovering an ancient Flying Wyvern known as Gureadomosu, the ancestor of Gravios. These Flying Wyverns have been living in the underground lakes of the desert for most of their life now, but have only recently come out of hiding due to the water in their previous home disappearing rapidly. This has caused some of the Gureadomosu to search for new water sources outside of the underground lakes. Due to this monster's immense thirst, the Hunter's Guild has lifted the hunting ban off Gureadomosu due to the possible environmental damage a large number of them could cause by drinking up water in the desert.

The White Lake Investigation

Once restricted to low ranking hunters, the White Lake was an area that the Hunter's Guild has been aware of for many years. The Guild have known about the land for a long time, however, only trustworthy hunters were allowed to hunt in the land. The White Lake was once an area filled with water before a massive drought turned it into a desolate desert. This change also caused some species to adapt to a changing environment. One of these species evolved to become Gasurabazura, the Angry Appearance Wyvern.

Zinogre Sighting

Recently, there has been reports of an unusual monster wandering around the Great Forest. Soon the Guild discovered that the monster was a Zinogre. This shocked Mezeporta's Guild due to Zinogre usually never being seen so far out from their usual districts. This led to them adding a new quest type and a new classification for these rare, unusual monsters. This new monster classification was called Exotic Species.

Second District of Sky Corridor

After investigating the Sky Corridor's first district for a few months, the hunters are soon allowed to wander the second district of the tower. Compared to the previous district, this one is a living hell! New traps are set for unwary hunters and a more powerful Duremudira hides behind some doors of this second district. Though this part of the Sky Corridor has been proven to be more dangerous, some hunters have come out the tower alive with some rare treasures.

The Violent Invader

Shortly after Zinogre were reported to be appearing in the Great Forest, the Hunter's Guild soon heard rumors about an unusual Brute Wyvern wandering around in different environments. This led to them warning all hunters to be careful, while hunting before the Guild eventually discovered what the invader was. This invader was the "Violent Wyvern", better known as Deviljho. This monster was never identified by the Mezeporta district before and caught them completely off guard.

Ancient Yama

Yama Kurai suddenly appears at the Highland, causing Mezeporta to send out a few hunters to investigate it and hunt the Elder Dragon down.

Brachydios in Mezeporta

Out of nowhere in the Volcano and Polar Sea, hunters soon reported sightings of green slime on the ground before the Guild soon discovered Brachydios within Mezeporta's district. This led to them lifting the hunting ban off the species in the areas.

Laviente's Lair

For a long time, Laviente's ecology was unknown to the Hunter's Guild. After trial and error, they have finally found Laviente's lair. This lair is called the Solitude Island Depths. After the discovery of Laviente's lair, the Guild built a base underground and placed equipment in the area in order to face the behemoth. Now they wait for Berserk Laviente to return to its lair, so that the hunters can slay the beast.

Shining Thunder Bird

For many years, there has been rumors in the Highland and Gorge about a Bird Wyvern sunbathing. It was said that this Bird Wyvern would sunbath in order to energize itself before producing powerful electrical shocks. It wasn't until very recently that this Bird Wyvern was discovered by the Hunter's Guild. Now it is called Toridcless.

The White Knight Appears

Recently, Barioth have been reported in the Snowy Mountains and Polar Sea. This has led to the Hunter's Guild lifting the hunting ban off the monster due to a rise in their numbers.

Living Hammer

Uragaan begin to appear in Mezeporta's jurisdiction of the Hunter's Guild. This allows for hunters, within that district of the Guild, to hunt down and slay Uragaan.

Blizzard King

Every year in the Snowy Mountains, massive blizzards hit the area. Due to how unusually violent the blizzards were, the Hunter's Guild began to believe it was an Elder Dragon. At first, they thought it was caused by Kushala Daora before they eventually discovered it was an ancient Elder Dragon called Toa Tesukatora. Soon after Toa Tesukatora was discovered, the Hunter's Guild lifted the hunting ban off the monster.

Howling Thunder

The Hunter's Guild discovers an extremely powerful Zinogre individual living in the Great Forest Peak. This Zinogre is called Howling Zinogre.

Switch Axe F is Made

Though the Switch Axe came from the east, it is said that Mezeporta's Switch Axe F is based on an older model of the weapon, which came from the Ancient Civilization.

Throne of the Emperor

For many years, hunters have been going to the Cloud Viewing Fortress in secrecy in order to take on the emperor. This emperor is a legendary Elder Dragon known as Guanzorumu, which controls smaller wyverns to fight with it. Guanzorumu has had a bounty on its head for the longest time, however, all hunters that went looking for it have never returned. Recently, the Hunter's Guild have requested for any capable hunters to try to slay or repel this emperor.


Shadows have been reported in the Great Forest for many years now, but the Hunter's Guild has always thought the people reporting shadows were delusional. It was until recently that Mezeporta discovered that these "shadows" were a new species of Nargacuga. These Nargacuga have a different enraged state compared to the species seen in other regions. This state is neon in color with blue eyes, leaving behind an illusion or afterimage with each movement they take.

Rajang's Ancient Cousin

In the craters of the volcano, reports began to come in about an ancient Fanged Beast living in them. This Fanged Beast has volcanic ore covering its legs and tail, allowing it to set itself on fire at will. The Hunter's Guild soon realize that this is the once thought to be extinct cousin of Rajang, Voljang. Mezeporta has known about this species for a long time, however, they have only just recently taken the hunting ban off it.

Emperor's Second Coming

After defeating Guanzorumu, a more powerful individual appears at the Cloud Viewing Fortress. This Ruling Guanzorumu came back to reclaim its throne, once and for all!

Hell Wolf Wyvern

About a week after Ruling Guanzorumu appeared at the Cloud Viewing Fortress, reports began to come in about a crimson-colored Zinogre at the Nest Hole and Snowy Mountains. This Zinogre was soon identified as Stygian Zinogre.

Zenith Species

Zenith Species are strong monster individuals that have gone through their own independent changes over the years, compared to other individuals of the same species. Zenith Species have unusually developed parts that they use to their advantage in nature. The Hunter's Guild have now added special quests to hunt them down in order to craft one of kind equipment. The first few discovered around this time are Zenith Espinas, Zenith Daimyo Hermitaur, Zenith Khezu, and Zenith Hypnocatrice. Now the Hunter's Guild has been discovering more Zenith Species every few months.

Predator of the Defenseless Creatures

The Painted Waterfalls has an unrivaled beauty that can't be seen anywhere else. This lush beauty is home to many species, including fauna. Though the Painted Waterfalls is home to a few different gentle species, it is also home to a predator that preys on them all. This predator controls the Water Element and is known as Zenaserisu.

True Frenzy

Some stronger Gore Magala individuals can enter a state beyond Frenzy Mode, known as True Frenzy Mode. These stronger individuals have more control over their Frenzy Scales, which through concentration, is how they enter True Frenzy Mode. Only the strongest of Gore Magala can reach this state. So far, individuals that can reach this state are limited to the Mezeporta district of the Hunter's Guild.

Invasion of the Blazing Peak Dragon

One day, a giant Elder Dragon attacked the Interceptor's Base, leaving behind mass destruction in near minutes. The Guild fought back and were able to repel the monster, causing it to leave after its attack. This Elder Dragon was soon noted by the Guild due to it being a literal walking volcano. It would constantly build up heat in its arms and tail before unleashing the ultra-heated flames around its body without needing to attack the fortress. Soon this monster was named Keoaruboru and only the most elite hunters are allowed to hunt it.

Light of the Heavens

A few months after Gore Magala was discovered, the Mezeporta Guild soon lift the hunting ban off Shagaru Magala. Much like the Gore Magala, this Shagaru Magala is a special individual that has mastered a new state known as True Frenzy Mode. This mode gives Shagaru Magala a more heavenly appearance and better control over the Frenzy Virus.

Fire and Ice

An accident has recently been reported on top of the Tower. The Hunter's Guild sends a team to investigate the incident before discovering an unknown monster living on top of the Tower. This monster is an Elder Dragon covered in fire and ice. The right side of its body is covered ice, while the left side is covered in fire. After discovering this monster, the Hunter's Guild give it the name, "Eruzerion".

Hunting Road

Around the same time as Eruzerion is reported, the Hunter's Guild discovers the Fortress Ruins. It is believed that this place isn't used by humans anymore, but it is still unclear to them why it was built to begin with. This fallen fortress is surrounded by forest now and has large populations of monsters within it. There has even been sightings of mysterious thunderstorms in the area. These thunderstorms have red lightning and are said to be caused by some kind of White Fatalis.


  • Each game in the Monster Hunter series can take place about a few months to a year apart from one another.
    • Many of Frontier's events in the timeline can take place about a few weeks to a few months apart from one another.
  • There is no exact time for each event in Monster Hunter's history, however, each piece mentioned above is connected to one another.
  • The Main Series and Frontier Series take place about the same time as each other. As the Main Series progresses, the Frontier Series also progresses at the same time with each update.
    • Shortly after Brute Wyverns were discovered it was thought that they were exclusive to the New World. It wasn't until Mezeporta got reports about Abiorugu invading the Old World that this was soon proven to be false.
    • The main reason why they don't share too many monsters with one another is due to the Hunting Jurisdictions.


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