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In-Game Information

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Toa Tesukatora is an ancient Elder Dragon that was only just recently discovered by the Hunter's Guild. It is a close relative to Teostra, though it is said to be far older species than that species.

Habitat Range

Toa Tesukatora has been witnessed in the Snowy Mountains and Polar Sea.

Ecological Niche

Due to Toa Tesukatora not being seen interacting with other species, it is hard to figure out what its role in the food chain could be. However, some scientist believe that Toa Tesukatora is a predator from the shape of its teeth.

Biological Adaptations

Toa Tesukatora is covered in scales that are as clear as ice. These scales have cold air around them and can be used as weapon to protect Toa Tesukatora, much like Teostra. The scales from its horns and wings are its primary weapons. By rapidly cooling water in the atmosphere, it is able to produce ice with its blue scales. The most powerful ability that this monster has is its power to make blizzards. It is unknown how exactly it is able to make blizzards but being in them is very risky. Overtime, this blizzard will slowly freeze hunters in their tracks, encasing the hunters in a block of ice. While hunters are encased in the ice, they are vulnerable to any attacks from Toa Tesukatora.


Toa Tesukatora is a highly elusive yet aggressive monster. Toa Tesukatora can walk straight through blizzards with ease, unlike most creatures that are stopped in their tracks by blizzards. Though a close relative of Teostra, Toa Tesukatora seems to be less aggressive than Teostra.

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