The Tracker (Japanese フィールドマスター) is a researcher from the First Fleet that lives in Astera.


Lively and inquisitive despite her age, she's a self-sufficient explorer who won't hesitate to help others or share her knowledge. She admires the symbiotic relationship between the Coral Highlands and the Rotten Vale, wishing she could live longer to study it further.


The Tracker was part of the First Fleet that ventured into the New World. She's been exploring the New World for forty years now and has recently been studying the Rotten Vale, unlocking one of the answers to the Elder Crossing. She discovered that the Rotten Vale is the final resting place for many monsters, including Elder Dragons. Their nutrients feed the New World, keeping it healthy and stable, allowing for life to continue in other ecosystems.


She wears a variation of the Leather Armor with a large backpack. When descending into the Rotten Vale's noxious lower levels, she wears a mask and goggles. On her left arm is the First Fleet's flag. Her hair is gray with age. She doesn't keep the Slinger on her arm, but she keeps it on her cane.



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