Switch Axe Icon Magenta Rare 10
True Ruiner's Bane / 真・黒滅龍剣斧

MHGU-Switch Axe Render 054

Level: Attack: Special: Affinity: Slots: Defense:
LV1 240 Status Effect-Blastblight MH4 Icon Blastblight 45 25% OOO N/A

Level: Sharpness: Sharpness +1: Sharpness +2:
LV1 White White White

Phial Type: Element
Description: The Ruiner's Bane's final form reveals a world where despair lies beside hope. Eternal peace is impossible.

Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Buy-able from Store: No Buying Cost: N/A
Creation Materials: Upgrade Materials:


Accolade XX / 希望の証XX x2
Flashpoint Slime / 臨界極まる粘菌 x3
GR C.Fatalis Materials x8

Creation Cost: Upgrade Cost:
N/A 130000z
Creation Byproduct: Upgrade Byproduct:

Weapon Path:
Upgraded From: >> True Ruiner's Bane >> Upgrades Into:
Switch Axe Icon Magenta Ruiner's Bane Switch Axe Icon Magenta Absolute Ruiner's Bane
MHGU: Switch Axe Weapon Tree
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