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Turf Wars are a mechanic introduced into Monster Hunter World. When two monsters meet, they might engage in a cinematic battle where either one or both monsters take significant damage and drop an item.

List of Monster Turf Wars

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Bond Attacks

Bond Attacks are a mechanic introduced into Monster Hunter World with the introduction of Lunastra as a DLC. They are special attacks that see two monsters fuse their attacks together to create a massive, highly damaging attack. So far the only monsters that can do this are Teostra and Lunastra.

List of Monster Bond Attacks

List of Monster Bond Attacks
Performers Effects Notes
MHW-Lunastra Icon.png
& MHW-Teostra Icon.png
They will merge their supernova together, creating a wide range attack that deals a lot of damage. Both must be enraged


Ambush is a special action performed by Crimson Glow Valstrax in Monster Hunter Rise. When performed against a monster, the targeted monster will cease any action, run toward the center of the area and looking around, after which Valstrax will plummet from the sky, knocking down the target monster and hunters close by, but dealing no damage to hunters. This action can also be used against the hunter, in which the hunters are fully affected by the Ambush. When Valstrax performs this action, a prompt similar to the normal Turf War prompt appears on screen.