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Turf Wars are a mechanic introduced into Monster Hunter World. When two monsters meet, they might engage in a cinematic battle where either one or both monsters take significant damage and drop an item.

List of Monster Turf Wars

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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Monster Hunter Rise

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Bond Attacks

Bond Attacks are a mechanic introduced into Monster Hunter World with the introduction of Lunastra as a DLC. They are a special attack that has two monsters fuse their attacks together to create a massive, highly damaging attack. So far the only monsters that can do this are Teostra and Lunastra.

List of Monster Bond Attacks

List of Monster Bond Attacks
Performers Effects Notes
MHW-Lunastra Icon.png
& MHW-Teostra Icon.png
They will merge their supernova together, creating a wide range attack that deals a lot of damage. Both must be enraged


Ambush is a special turf war from Crimson Glow Valstrax in Monster Hunter Rise. It consists of Valstrax plummeting from the sky, hitting and knock-out the monster that is on the stage. This attack is also used to attack the hunter.