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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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A mysterious wyvern said only to appear after large avalanches deep in the snowy mountains. Often seen crushing ice balls and rock into powder in its stride, it's known to the Guild as Ukanlos, although there are whisperings it may be the white god...


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Infraorder: Unknown
  • Family: Ukan

Ukanlos is a Flying Wyvern that is closely related to the Akantor and Odibatorasu. Originally, like Akantor, Ukanlos was classified as a Elder Dragon due to it not fitting in any other class but after much research it has been found to be a large species of Flying Wyvern.

Habitat Range

It is evident that Ukanlos can only thrive in sub-zero areas such as the Snowy Mountains, particularly in the Snowy Mountains Peak. In the New World they live in the Tundra and Polar Field

Ecological Niche

Similar to Akantor, Ukanlos are Elder Dragon-Level Monsters with little to fear. Nearly all nearby monster will flee upon sight of the massive wyvern. Anything from herbivores to large predators such as Tigrex can fall victim to Ukanlos. Even other Elder Dragon-Level Monsters such as Deviljho will try to stay away or end up as potential prey. Only the Elder Dragons themselves such as Kushala Daora are capable of fighting back against Ukanlos.

Biological Adaptations

It's body shape is highly similar to those of Akantor. It's large shovel-like jaw allows it to dig through the ice with ease. Ukanlos has grown an extremely tough and streamlined carapace to "swim" though the ice. Ukanlos will also eat the ice and absorb minerals, however this beast is rather large so the amount of ice it would have to eat would be huge. Also, this creature may be capable of swimming as seen when it moves though the ice. It is also capable of expelling ice to attack anything foolish enough to attempt to harm it. In order to survive the weather this creature may have a large layer of fat underneath its hard shell. This layer of flesh is visible underneath its forearms, showing a light-blue underflesh. This beast also hibernate for vast periods of time to survive after feeding.


Ukanlos are hostile to all that they encounter. Ukanlos have been found to attack and destroy villages like Elder Dragons.

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