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Unit-01 Brachydios is a Special Species of Brachydios introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


Unit-01 Brachydios are crossover themed special individuals of Brachydios with the appearance that are inspired by Evangelion Unit-01. Unlike their relatives they have numerous green markings throughout the body, two green tipped square plates on their backs, robotic looking forelimbs, a green chin spike, a thin robotic looking horn, and a severed by default tail.

When in Rage Mode, everything green on Unit-01 Brachydios turns red, their eyes glow white, a giant halo appears floating above them and their chopped tail gets a fiery orange club.


Unit-01 Brachydios are capable of doing anything their relatives can do. If hunters get close to Unit-01 Brachydios slime, they will explode to give the hunters Fireblight. Unit-01 Brachydios do have the aliment Blastblight, if hunters carelessly step on the slime puddles.

If Unit-01 Brachydios are "killed" by hunters, the first time, they will get up as a phase 2/rage mode transition.


Unit-01 Brachydios only lives in Tower 3.

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Other Non-Subspecies Forms


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In-Game Description

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General Notes

  • This monster is part of a collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion. It being designed after EVA Unit-01.

Monster Hunter Explore

  • Different than it appears, Unit-01 Brachydios deals Water damage.