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In-Game Description

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The Unknown(Black Flying Wyvern) is an unidentified Flying Wyvern species that is shrouded in mystery. These Flying Wyverns are a rare species that greatly resemble a Rathian.

Habitat Range

Unknown(Black Flying Wyvern) have been sighted in a wide range of habitats such as the GorgeDesert, Forest and Hills, Great Forest, Jungle, Swamp, and Tower.

Ecological Niche

Unknown(Black Flying Wyvern) fits into nearly the same niche as an Elder Dragon, easily putting them at the near top of the food chain. Despite being high in the food chain these wyverns must compete with other powerful predators such as Berukyurosu, Tigrex, Rajang, Espinas, Abiorugu, Odibatorasu, BaruragaruMi Ru and predatory Elder Dragons.

Biological Adaptations

The Unknown(Black Flying Wyvern)'s coloration is jet black with some areas of crimson red. This specific coloration gives it a hostile and almost evil look. Unlike other Flying Wyverns, it is able to eject the spikes on its wings, releasing a powerful gas that is highly acidic. It can also release this gas from pores under its wings. Its strong lungs allow it to roar louder than a Diablos. Strong wings for fast flight and legs strong enough to crush solid ground beneath creating deep pits.


This unknown species though famed for its rage and aggression is surprisingly slow and sluggish to attack and somewhat peaceful before becoming enraged or angered. Upon attack this creature that at first appeared even slower than a average Rathian goes into a extreme rage increasing in agility, speed and attack strength. During certain seasons, Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern) are known to gather in large numbers in the Desert.

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