Uruki is a Lynian introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine.


Their bodies are covered in yellow fur with cream highlights, they also have large white beards, and long pointy ears. They are often seen with backpacks.


Uruki can use tools such as fishing rods, aswell as slingshots and acorn bombs for dealing with any threats. They are also known to have affinity for growing plants, most notably large plants that spray dangerous nectar or some that can even trap and devour other creatures whole.


The Uruki are a peaceful species of Lynian that do not like conflicts, similar to the Felynes. Though when a large monster enters their territory, they will attack with no warning by using slingshots and throwing acorn bombs. They spend most of their time fishing and harvesting nuts from trees with baskets made of flowers.

Uruki also like hunters and will even cooperate with them, like Felynes, to help them against a threat by healing them with nuts and fighting along side them, they will also attempt to speak to hunters, although the language they speak is not understood.

Uruki will also gather from a defeated monster when a quest is over, then run over to the hunter/s and drop a shiny for them to gather.

They are known to grow dangerous plants around their territory to defend it and themselves from any threats, unfortunately these plants attract Forokururu who feed on the plants. This has led to the species being quite hostile to the Bird Wyverns not tolerating them anywhere near their territory.


Uruki live exclusively in the Flower Field.

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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General Notes

  • Uruki's design was based on monkeys and owls.

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