I was strolling through a game crazy about three years ago when i came to a $17.99 used game called Monster Hunter. Did not think anything of it, it looked cool but I did not know anything about it. Two weeks later my friend brought me in with a $20 credit, I showed my friend that game and we got it. I never jumped in to the game right away, thought the controlling was weird but as i saw my friend play it and fight a Basarios. Online also (bad ass). I was like oh damn your fighting a rock monster, that's sweet. Then i picked it up finally. I have also had my brother play it and two other friends. They are all addicted to it like me. I Love this game.



Monster Hunter (PS2)- 416 hour

Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP)- 124 hours

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP)- 373 hours

Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)- 290 hours

Monster Hunter Portible 3rd HD (ps3)- 210 hours Monster Hunter 3 Ulitmate (3ds)- 205 hours <currently playing>

It really sucks not having anyone to playwith on the 3ds. Being a solo HR 32 is very lonely.

Favorite Monster: Chameleos/Silver Rathalos/ Lao/ Gravios

Favorite Element: Poision

Favorite Ailment: Sleep

Favorite Weapon: Switches

Hated Monster: Bullfango/All preys/Vespoids/ Tigger.

         :Random MH Stuff about me:
First weapon fully upgraded was Rathalos Firesword in MH.
    HR 20, all online/offline quests completed
Used Full Gravios, Gravios venom spear.
Back in the day Green was all the sharpness i needed.

            Slaying Noobies and touching Boobies

A Picture i made on paint


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