aka Andrew

  • I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • I was born on December 22
  • I am Looking forward to MH: World!
Gender: Male
Location: Canada
Year Born: ----
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Chronos (MHF1)

Kratos (MHF2/MHFU)

Nemesis (MHTri/MH3U/MHFG)

Stormrider (MHP3)

Taiowa (MH4/MH4U)

Indra (MH Gen)

Hunter Rank: 6(MHF2), 9(MHFU), 56(MH3), 6(MHP3rd), 103(MH3U), 999(MHFO), 73(MH4), 189(MH4U), 7(MHGen)
Playing Online? Yes (MH4U, MHGen)
MH Games Owned: MHF, MHF2, MHFU, MH3, MHP3rd, MH3U, MH4, MH4U, MHGen, MHXX, MH Stories, MHFG
Weapon: Various
Helmet: Various
Plate: Various
Gauntlet: Various
Waist: Various
Legging: Various
Favorite Monsters: Zinogre, Hypnocatrice, Barroth, Zamtrios
Favorite Element: Thunder
Favorite Ailment: Blast
Favorite Weapon Type: Pretty much anything except for bowguns

About me

Huge fan of these games.

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