Artemis Paradox

aka Artema, Arty or Art

  • I live in Europe, while it lasts :hyperthonk:
  • I am Physically: Male, Mentally: Heck do I know lol

Artemis Paradox

MHFG Personal Image
You Will Know Our Names - Xenoblade Chronicles Music Extended

You Will Know Our Names - Xenoblade Chronicles Music Extended


Artemis Paradox
FrontierGen-Harudomerugu Render 001
Gender: Male
Year Born:
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Kaede
Hunter Rank: Varies.
Playing Online? Yes
MH Games Owned: MH1, G, 2, 3, F1, F2, FU, P3rd, 3U, MH4G, MH4U, MHX and Frontier.
Weapon: All
Favorite Monsters: White Fatalis
Favorite Element: Dragon, Thunder
Favorite Ailment: Stun, Knock Out
Favorite Weapon Type: Songstress Tonfa (both)

About me

Former admin and bureaucrat of this wiki. I have long since moved on to other things. I do occasionally check out the recent changes to see what's going on.

Other series I love

I'm not only into Monster Hunter. I also have a deep love for the following series listed below:

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles
  2. Super Smash Bros.
  3. Final Fantasy
  4. Pokemon

Video Game Music (VGMs)

If there's one thing I love about many games, it's the music. Here's a small list of some of my favorite game soundtracks:

  1. Wild Arms 1 & 2
  2. Final Fantasy 6, 8, 9, 10 and the 13 trilogy
  3. Monster Hunter
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles
  5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Wii U.

Youtube Channel

Monster Hunter Philosophy

All you need is dedication. Never give up.


This is a list of projects I started to cover some of the topics that are featured in Monster Hunter Frontier. For the most part, the content was either done entirely by myself or initially made by me and improved upon with the help of a select few others.

Monster Hunter Collection (outdated)

Art MH games


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