Real Name: Sam
Gender: Male
Location: US
Year Born: 1988
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Samarah, Samariah
Gender: Male
Hunter Rank: MH3 - 70, MH3U - 47
Online: Yes
Games: Monster Hunter Tri, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Monster Hunter Generations, Monster Hunter Stories
Weapon: Various
Helmet: Lagiacrus Helm+, Qurupeco Helm X, Grand Mizuha Mask, Kirin Horn X, Star Knight Helm, Pirate Hat J, Hayabusa Feather, Dragonking Eyepatch
Plate: Lagiacrus Mail+, Qurupeco Mail X, Grand Mizuha Guards, Kirin Jacket X, Star Knight Mail, Pirate Suit J, Odogaron Mail α
Gauntlet: Lagiacrus Vambraces+, Qurupeco Vambraces X, Grand Mizuha Sleeves, Kirin Longarms X, Star Knight Vambraces, Pirate Gloves J, Odogaron Vambraces α
Waist: Lagiacrus Faulds+, Qurupeco Coil X, Grand Mizuha Sash, Kirin Hoop X, Star Knight Coil, Pirate Coil J, Odogaron Coil α
Legging: Lagiacrus Greaves+, Qurupeco Greaves X, Grand Mizuha Leg Wrap, Kirin Leg Guards X, Star Knight Greaves, Pirate Boots K, Odogaron Greaves α
Favorite Monster: MH10th-Qurupeco IconMH10th-Kecha Wacha IconMH10th-Nerscylla IconMH10th-Chameleos IconMH10th-Zamtrios IconMHGen-Gammoth IconMHW-Great Jagras IconMHW-Pukei-Pukei IconMHW-Tobi-Kadachi IconMHW-Paolumu IconMHW-Odogaron IconMHW-Dodogama Icon
Favorite Element:
Favorite Ailment:
Favorite Weapon: Long Sword Icon White, Hunting Horn Icon White, Insect Glaive Icon White

Shout out to Bradley 'D-Yoshii' Jolly and his friends for helping me make a set of legitimate Star Knight armor in MH4U. Thank you so much & stay tasty!

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