Clyde BlueSnake
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Name: Clyde
Location: United States
Year Born: 1989
Other information
Favorite Monster: Uh, many
Favorite Element: Thunder, Fire & Dragon mostly
Favorite Ailment: Paralysis, Poison
Favorite Weapon: Light Bowgun, Lance, Gunlance, Dual Blades, Hammer

Hi, I'm Kenneth Clyde, but you can just call me Clyde, I started from the first Monster Hunter from the PS2 back around early 2005. I'm a vet. series hunter, but don't take that as a meaning of expert. There's a difference, & I wouldn't say I'm a expert. Though I have soloed things like Fatalis (speaking of previous games by the time I type this I haven't done the Iceborne one (yet)) & Dire Miralis, but I'm no speedrunner, I'm just a "good" & a determine hunter to get the quest done. I do have, you can say, a problem of sorts when I see misinformation for a Monster Hunter game, I kinda lash out.

My main Palico is Gianluigi, a peppermint lineage felyne, whose name I didn't name, for it was one of those pre-generated Freedom names for Felynes & Melynxes. He originally a chef before Freedom Unite, in Unite I picked him to be a Felyne Fighter/Comrade, so on the name stick with me, so like in Portable 3rd & so I act like that felyne stayed at my side. Well, of course beside Tri & 3U.


  1. MH1 village quests cleared & all main town quests soloed (through Codebreaker)! (Recorded from the actual PS2 disc game and off the first PS2 model. No emulator.)
  2. Monster Hunter G Wii port only the village quests
  3. Quests from the MH World Beta
  4. A playthrough of World & as well it's Iceborne expansion
  5. Some videos of the MH spin-off Dynamic Hunting
  6. Not a playthrough some videos of MH1 & Freedom 1, like my first 2 MH1 videos I did back in 2011 & a video shows that one MHF1 Khezu that plays battle music
  7. Not a playthrough, just some old Tri & 3U videos like me soloing Dire Miralis with a LBG & quests from the 3U demo

Monster Hunter games I played in order:

  • MH1
  • MHFreedom 1, 2, & Unite
  • MH3(Tri)
  • MHG (Wii port, Starter Pack)
  • MH2 (Dos)
  • MH: Dynamic Hunting (Though now I can't play it now for Capcom didn't update it for it to be compatible with updated Apple products, or something like that I recall.)
  • MHP3rd(own it on both the PSP(got this version in 2012) & PS3( got this version later in 2014))
  • MH3U(own it on both the 3DS & Wii U)
  • MH4U (Blue Item Box Collector's Edition)
  • MHGen
  • MHStories
  • MHWorld (PS4)
  • MHGU
  • MHW: Iceborne (PS4)
  • Rise

(NOTE: Even though I imported the ones that were only in Japan, I played them, but the sad thing I couldn't read what the NPCs say & etc., for I can't read Japanese. :( )

Some boasting & bragging:

  • One of the first on the internet to post assumptions that it was likely it was a Lao-Shan Lung that was being referring in the The Hero of Kokoto story in Freedom 1 back in 2013 while others still believe it was a Monoblos.
  • One who discovered the glitched Khezu in the "Fang of the Iodrome!" village quest in Monster Hunter Freedom 1:


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Youtube channel:

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