aka DatAxe. If that wasn't obvious.

  • I live in a hut in another dimension
  • My occupation is HOLDUPHOLDUPHOLDUP. Occupation? PSSH I have no life lol.
  • I am the potato that's watching you.
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|gender = Fak you
|gender = Fak you
|country = GLORIUS NIPPON (aka Japan)
|country = GLORIUS NIPPON (aka Japan)
|yearofbirth = <span style="color:rgb(68,68,68);font-family:arial,sans-serif;font-size:small;line-height:16.1200008392334px;">∞</span>
|yearofbirth = 6969
|huntername = LeDerp
|huntername = LeDerp(mh4) Derplord(mh4g)
|hr = 221 (probs higher since i play regularly)
|hr = 200+ (mh4) 6 (mh4g)
|online-yes/no = Yes Indeed
|online-yes/no = Yes Indeed
|games = MH4
|games = MH4-4G
|weapon = ALL OF THEM >:D
|weapon = ALL OF THEM >:D
|helmet = I
|helmet = I
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|favoriteelement = The monster's weakness lol
|favoriteelement = The monster's weakness lol
|favoriteailment = Paralysis
|favoriteailment = Paralysis
|favoriteweapon = Charge Axe :D}}
|favoriteweapon = Charge Axe :D (or blade for you filthy westerners kek)}}
Not really much to say here, nyeh.
Not really much to say here, nyeh.

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Yo, i'm DatAxe, if you couldn't tell.
Gender: Fak you
Location: GLORIUS NIPPON (aka Japan)
Year Born: 6969
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: LeDerp(mh4) Derplord(mh4g)
Hunter Rank: 200+ (mh4) 6 (mh4g)
Playing Online? Yes Indeed
MH Games Owned: MH4-4G
Weapon: ALL OF THEM >:D
Helmet: I
Plate: Wear
Gauntlet: Legend of Zelda
Waist: Armor
Legging: Like a baws B)
Favorite Monsters: Great Jaggi (aka Gr8 Sw3ggi)
Favorite Element: The monster's weakness lol
Favorite Ailment: Paralysis
Favorite Weapon Type: Charge Axe :D (or blade for you filthy westerners kek)

Not really much to say here, nyeh.

I guess i should tell you about myself, since this IS my profile >_</

First of all, HUGE pokemon n3rd and participant of VGC, hence me being EXTRA proficient in pokemon double battles. I guess you could call me a nintendo fanboy, since I do indeed follow most of their big game franchises (emphasis on BIG and MOST).

Hmm... lesee what else I can say...

Welp, I play MH4 and I can kinda edit i guess? I'm helping a little at a time on the MH4 pages. I'm always up for new people to play with on MH4, so don't be afraid to swing by the MH wiki chat and gimme a call! 

In conclusion, why the hell are you here in the first place reading about me?


PS: Fuckin lemon soda >:L

PSS: Fuckin weeaboos >:T

Oyea if ya wanna go to the swamp to post your crap while not being banned and stuff or anything of the like then click here.

Hab f0n.

Emoticon foreveralone

Plz, I'm so lonely, imma criecrie

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