aka DatAxe. If that wasn't obvious.

  • I live in a hut in another dimension
  • My occupation is HOLDUPHOLDUPHOLDUP. Occupation? PSSH I have no life lol.
  • I am the potato that's watching you.
Yo, i'm DatAxe, if you couldn't tell.
Gender: Fak you
Location: GLORIUS NIPPON (aka Japan)
Year Born:
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: LeDerp
Hunter Rank: 122 (probs higher since i play regularly)
Playing Online? Yes Indeed
MH Games Owned: MH4
Weapon: Charge Axe, SnS, Hammer, LBG, HBG, Switch Axe, Gunlance, Lance, still trying new things
Helmet: I
Plate: Wear
Gauntlet: Legend of Zelda
Waist: Armor
Legging: Like a baws B)
Favorite Monsters: Great Jaggi (aka Gr8 Sw3ggi)
Favorite Element: The monster's weakness lol
Favorite Ailment: Sleep
Favorite Weapon Type: Charge Axe :D

Not really much to say here, nyeh.

I guess i should tell you about myself, since this IS my profile >_</

First of all, HUGE pokemon n3rd and participant of VGC, hence me being EXTRA proficient in pokemon double battles. I guess you could call me a nintendo fanboy, since I do indeed follow most of their big game franchises (emphasis on BIG and MOST).

Hmm... lesee what else I can say...

Welp, I play MH4 and I can kinda edit i guess? I'm helping a little at a time on the MH4 pages. I'm always up for new people to play with on MH4, so don't be afraid to swing by the MH wiki chat and gimme a call! 

In conclusion, why the hell are you here in the first place reading about me?


PS: Fuckin lemon soda >:L

PSS: Fuckin weeaboos >:T

Emoticon foreveralone

Plz, I'm so lonely, imma criecrie

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