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I will be on vacation from 6/10/2010 to 7/10/2010. During this time, I will have little (if any) time to edit the wiki. --Edward130603Talk 15:16, June 9, 2010 (UTC)

3rdGen-Rathalos Render 001
Real Name: ?????
Gender: Male
Location: U.S.
Year Born: 1995
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Ed
Gender: Male
Hunter Rank: 7
Online: Yes
Games: Monster Hunter Tri
Weapon: Volt Axe (Y)
Helmet: Rathian Helm
Plate: Rathian Mail
Gauntlet: Rathian Vambraces
Waist: Rathian Faulds
Legging: Rathian Greaves
Favorite Monster: Rathalos
Favorite Element: Thunder
Favorite Ailment: Paralysis
Favorite Weapon: Switch Axe

About me

MH3 is my first Monster Hunter game. Most recently, I repelled Ceadeus and beat the offline story mode. Right now, I'm just levelling up my Cha-Cha. Indeed, I am quite the kewl kat...


  • Volt Axe (Y)
  • Assault Axe+
  • Royal Claw+
  • Qurupeco Chopper
  • Ananta Boneblade
  • Knight Lance


  • Rathian Armor
  • Qurupeco Armor
  • Hunter's Armor
  • Great Baggi Armor
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