aka Fenris

  • I live in the Danger Zone
  • My occupation is as a backstage editor
  • I am alive!


Honorable Sacrifice
Real Name: It's a common one
Gender: Male
Location: United States
Year Born: 22xx
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Fenris - MHFU/MH3/MH3U/MH4U
Ranulf - MHF-G6
Gender: Male
Hunter Rank: Tri - 200+ ; MHFU - 9 ; MHFO-G - HR999, SR999+
Online: Yes - MHF-G6, MH4U, MH3 (inactive), MH3U (rare)
Games: MHFU, MH3, MH3U, MHF-GG, MH4U
Weapon: Dual Blades Icon White Great Sword Icon White Bow Icon White Long Sword Icon White
Helmet: Miscellaneous
Plate: Depends
Gauntlet: Roulette
Waist: Random
Legging: Pick one
Favorite Monster: Pokaradon, Kushala Daora, Rukodiora, Akura Jebia, Zinogre
Favorite Element: Ice & Thunder
Favorite Ailment: StatusEffect01
Favorite Weapon: Dual Blades Icon White Bow Icon White Great Sword Icon White

My MH Travels Page

  • Welcome to my humble page.
  • I'm just a casual hunter playing through.
  • MHTri journey officially done. Sadly, the same goes for MHFU. (Though it's there for backup when traveling. -_^)
  • A full-fledged player of MHF-G6. Enjoying the game-play and other fellow hunters. (Try it out, guys. You won't be disappointed. And we always welcome new members.) [There's a link below to our guild]
    • Reached HR999, SR999 on all weapons, and GSR999 on GS, DS, GL, LS and Bow.
    • Working towards Hiden gems for all Blademaster weapons and double Hiden sets for Gunner weapons.
    • (Temporary low activity for release of MH4U.)

Links and Things

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