• I was born on May 31
Gender: Male
Location: US
Year Born: 1994
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Jarsix
Hunter Rank: 32
Playing Online? MH3:will
MH Games Owned: MH3
Weapon: Royal Claw, Plume Flint, Azi Dahaka, War Hammer, Bone Axe.
Helmet: Hunter and Qurpeco
Plate: Hunter and Qurpeco
Gauntlet: Hunter and Qurpeco
Waist: Hunter and Qurpeco
Legging: Hunter and Qurpeco
Favorite Monsters: Rathalos, Uragaan, Barioth, Agnaktor, Jhen Mohran.
Favorite Element: Fire
Favorite Ailment: Poison
Favorite Weapon Type: Hammer, Longsword, and SnS

About me

Hi, I'm General Ownage, you'll see me online as Jarsix or Ownage. I'm not sure what all to put here, but i will use any weapon i see fit, same with armor. Currently making Lagi and Gobul armor.

Current Armor

Qurupeco-Full set

Gobul- Making


Gigginox-Might make it.

Lagi- Gonna make it.

Hunter-Full set

Chainmail-Full set.


Azi Dahaka

Hypno Blade

Assassin's Dagger

Plume Flint

War Hammer

Royal Claw

My favorite pages

MH3 main page. (for all your needs!)

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