Gob The Najarala

aka Samuel Heaton

  • I live in The Abyss
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is Monster Hunter and Demon Tamer
  • I am Reaching out to the truth
Gob The Najarala
Real Name: Samuel
Gender: Male
Location: Murica, Alaska to be specific
Year Born: 1998
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: MHGen: Strider (Prowler: Metroid), MH4U: Rakshasa
Gender: Male
Hunter Rank: 4U: 40+, MHGen: 3
Online: Sometimes
Games: MHFU, MH3U, MH4U, MHX, MHGen
Weapon: Too many to pick from...
Helmet: Astral Helm
Plate: Astral Suit
Gauntlet: Astral Vambraces
Waist: Astral Coil
Legging: Astral Boots
Favorite Monster: Nakarkos, Najarala, Gobul, Yian Garuga, Tigrex, Gammoth, Astalos
Favorite Element: Thunder, Fire, Dragon
Favorite Ailment: Paralysis
Favorite Weapon: DB, SA, LBG, HH Hammer, SnS, Prowler(if it counts?)

Yo yo and hello people. I'm Gob and simply put, I'm yet another hunter. The MH games I play are Generations and 4U. My absolute favorite monsters in the series are Nakarkos, Najarala, Yian Garuga, Gobul, and Tigrex, though there are many others I like as well. The weapons I use most are Dual Blades, Switch Axe, LBG, and the Nyanta if that even counts as a weapon... Most often here you can find me hanging around the chat room, just ask if you'd like to hunt!

3rdGen-Gobul Render 001
MH4-Najarala Render 001
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