Gob The Najarala

aka Samuel Heaton

  • I live in The Abyss
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is Monster Hunter and Demon Tamer
  • I am Reaching out to the truth
Gob The Najarala
Real Name: Samuel
Gender: Male
Location: Murica, Alaska to be specific
Year Born: 1998
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: MHX: Rakshasa (Nyanta: Don-chan) MH4U: Samuel
Gender: Male
Hunter Rank: 4U(Retired): 660+, MHX: 70+
Online: Sometimes
Games: MH3U, MH4U, MHX
Weapon: Too many to pick from...
Helmet: Azure Star Helm
Plate: Azure Star Suit
Gauntlet: Azure Star Braces
Waist: Azure Star Coil
Legging: Azure Star Boots
Favorite Monster: Osutogaroa, Najarala, Gobul, Yian Garuga, Seltas, Tigrex, Gamuto, Raizekusu
Favorite Element: Thunder, Fire, Dragon
Favorite Ailment: Paralysis
Favorite Weapon: SA, LBG, HH, DB, Hammer, SnS, Nyanta(if it counts?)

Yo yo and hello people. I'm Gob and simply put, I'm yet another hunter. The main MH games I play most often are 4U and X(though I have retired from 4U and have moved on to X, pccasionally play 4U to mess around). My absolute favorite monsters in the series are Osutogaroa, Najarala, Yian Garuga, Gobul, and Tigrex, though there are many others I like as well. While I'm pretty decent with every weapon the ones I use most are SA, LBG, DB, HH, Hammer, and the Nyanta if that even counts as a weapon... In MHX my favorite hunting styles are Aerial SA/LBG/DB, Bushido LBG/HH/SnS, Guild Hammer, Striker DB, and a mostly melee focused Nyanta. Most often here you can find me hanging around the chat room, just ask if you'd like to hunt!

3rdGen-Gobul Render 001
MH4-Najarala Render 001
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