"Dream on, as if someone is gonna view this!"

Real Name: Ted Jefferson L. Ipan
Gender: Male
Location: Philippines
Year Born: Oct. 14, 1945
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Chakurno, jom
Gender: female/male
Hunter Rank: Hr 9, Hr 1
Online: no
Games: MHF, MHFU, MH3U
Weapon: Bow
Helmet: Monoblos Cap X
Plate: Monoblos Vest X
Gauntlet: Monoblos Guards X
Waist: Monoblos Coat X
Legging: Monoblos Leggings X
Favorite Monster: Hypnoc and Eevee
Favorite Element: Fire, Water, Ice and Thunder
Favorite Ailment: Sleep
Favorite Weapon: Bow,Bowgun and Greatsword

About me

Well I have been playing Monster Hunter Freedom for 2 months, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for a month and I still haven't played Monster Hunter Freedom 2. I became very addicted in playing Monster Hunter ever since my brother showed it to me. My hunters are female(because I think female armors look better) named Yunis, Chakurno and Inday.

MFHU Status

  • I am currently at Hr 9 which I am very proud of because I did it all by myself since the Akantor Urgent.
  • I am also currently trying to collect the awards and all of the final bows.
  • Currently hunting solo because my hunting partner got tired I guess and everything went from hard to impossible.(I'm so weak)
  • Stopped playing years ago due to a broken PSP

MFHU Achievements

  • Got a Black Nagarcuga Guild Card.
  • A collection consisting of 22 bows.
  • Cleared 1*-6* elder quest, 1*-5* guild quests, 7*-8* nekhot quests, and 6*-7* high rank quests.
  • Beaten high rank Akantor all by myself.(I really can't go over it.)
  • At last made it to HR 9.

MH3U Status

  • Finally reached HR7 and paused from collecting every G-Rank armor, be back after MH4U
  • Still collecting every bow in existence.

MH4U Status

  • Currently High rank village quests.
  • Still collecting every bow in existence :3

My contributions

My favorite pages

  • My favorite pages are the monster's pages because I really like what they all look like except for the Fatalis who looks like a regular European dragon
  • Next is the Ecology pages because there it seemed that they really exist having their own behavior and ecology.
  • My third is the armor pages, because there I can see what armors have the skills I need but kind of disappointed because I can't see what other armors look like.
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