Gender: Male
Location: U.S
Year Born: 1993
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Brian
Hunter Rank: MHFU: 4
MH3: 32
Playing Online? MHFU: No, but I want to.
MH3: Yes, 2VRVGK
MH Games Owned: Monster Hunter Freedom
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Weapon: Bolt Axe
HammerFang "Echo"
Red Blugeon
Ananta Boneblade+
Helmet: Lagiacrus Helm (Level 6)
Plate: Lagiacrus Mail (Level 6)
Gauntlet: Lagiacrus Vambraces (Level 6)
Waist: Lagiacrus Faulds (Level 6)
Legging: Lagiacrus Greaves (Level 6)
Favorite Monsters: Royal Ludroth
Favorite Element: Whichever element hits monsters the hardest. XP
Favorite Ailment: Paralysis
Favorite Weapon Type: Switch Axe
Long Sword
Great Sword
Bowgun (Medium preferably)

About me

I got MH:Tri on the 27th of December and I've been playing and (trying) to survive in this monster-eat-human world. XD

Current Goals

Like any other video gamer, you have to have a goal to work for. I'm working on both guild gathering hall quests and high rank village quests but I dread the HR3 urgent. I hate Shen Gaoren. X_X I've strayed away from gathering hall quests and just took down the dual Hypnocatrices and I'm trying to work to fight Nargacuga. The equipment I could make me with Narga carves... Oh so smexy affinity on those weapons. ^w^

Quest progression

In MHFU, I'm on Nekoht's quests while in the guild gathering hall I'm working on HR3 quests. I want to be able to use Ad-hoc party to hunt with other people but my mom has no internet and let alone that I'll need a long ethernet cord to directly connect to the modem when she gets it back.

On MH:Tri, I'm on 4* quests

Online experience

I found it very easy to memorize my online ID by making an acronym for it. It goes like this: "Two Virtual Reality Video Game Kings." (2VRVGK)

When I first stepped into Loc Lac and went out onto a quest, the experience was rather decent to my surprise. I was expecting to see a trolling scrub who was only joining quests to disrupt another player's game experience and quest immersion but to the contrary, there was another newbie hunter and we set out on quests. Unfortunately though, all good things come to an end and my good luck ran out when I came across a scrub who was solely trying to disrupt my experience along with everyone else and trolled us by completing quests through the subs. Good thing I will not come across him ever again.

Future Plan

Kill Narga and make armor out of him/her while upgrading the Tigrex Tooth into the Hidden Saber.

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