Lord Loss

  • I live in the Internet
  • I was born on December 4
  • My occupation is lurker
  • I am Male
Lord Loss
Gender: Male
Location: United Kingdom
Year Born:
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Loss
Hunter Rank: 49
Playing Online? Yes.
MH Games Owned: Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Monster Hunter 3
Weapon: Icicle Bow II
Helmet: ----
Plate: ----
Gauntlet: ----
Waist: ----
Legging: ----
Favorite Monsters: Lagiacrus
Favorite Element: Ice
Favorite Ailment: Fatigue
Favorite Weapon Type: Long Sword

So I wrote a young adult fantasy novel with swords and magic and demons 'nd stuff, check it out here if that sort of thing appeals to you:

  • Just for clarification: you only put the apostrophe in "its" when you mean "it is"; e.g, "it's known for posing a challenge for new hunters" would be right, whereas "it's hipcheck is deadly" is incorrect.

"Half as long."

"Twice as bright."
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