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why not listen to this while you view? ^^

C fatalis rage mode ^-^

conquest C fatalis rage mode ^-^

G conquest C fatalis ^-^ me, pike, toro and Lyria

G conquest C fatalis ^-^ me, pike, toro and Lyria

File:Rebidiora krakencm dead ^^.png
Lvl 114 Shantien WO halk juice! krakencm ^ ^

lvl 114 shantien W/O halk juice! ^v^

File:Rebidiora krakencm 1 ^^.png

Gender: Male

Hunter Info:

Hunter Name:

Krakencm and Anap

Hunter Rank:


MHF2: Callum - HR6

MHP2nd : HR9

MHFU: Krakencm - HR9 Anap - HR9 Calnos - HR2

MH3: Krakencm - HR102 Melena - HR7

MHP3rd: HR6

MHP3rd HD: HR6

MH3G: Krakencm - HR75 G*** , completed village except alatreon

MHFO jap: Krakencm - HR999    G rank

SR: LS - SR999  

Lance - SR850+

MH world - HR121

Playing Online? Only really online quite regularly on MHFG - Jap  
MH Games Owned:

MHF1, MHF2, MHFU, MH3 tri, MHP3rd, MHP3rd HD, MH3G, MH3U, MH4, MHFG - Jap, MH4U, MH Gen, MH world

Favorite Weapon:


Ukanlos Destructor

Akantor broadsword S



Lagia wildfire

Anguish (P)

Alatreon revolution


Orange espinas GS and lance (maxed)

Rukodiora HH rare 11

Raviente hammer rare 12 first path

Doragyurosu hashu lance (supremacy)

Daora Gou random hammer

Rukodiora Gou lance, DS and GS

Anorupathisu G rank lance ('ゼーゲロングホー'ン)


Brachidos GS (maxed)

Steel ura hammer

white lagi GS (maxed)

Favorite Monsters: Rukodiora, Rebidiora, Doragyrusoru, Shanthien, Dhisufiroa, Ukanlos, Raviente, Abyssal lagiacrus, Lagiacrus, Tigrex, 

Favorite Element:


Favorite Ailment:

Favorite Weapon Type:

Great sword, lance and long sword

From MHFO: Forward 1 - MHFG (screenshots)

  • Krakencm enjoying the view ^^
  • Gou ruko lance owning G rank pokaragon ^^
  • My poka urgent ^^
  • Defeated pokaragon ^^
  • Shantien stage 4 rage lazerrrr! ^-^
  • Giaorugu ^^
  • Giaorugu 1st hunted back view ^^
  • Giaorugu para ^^
  • Giaorugu rollin' ^^
  • Gougarufu 1st hunt ^^
  • Gou's dead krakencm ^^
  • Hyujiki 1st hunt ^v^.png Hyujiki 1st hunt ^v^
  • The satanic giaorugu ^v^ me and pike huntin'
  • Me and pike huntin' midogaron ^v^
  • Me and pike huntin' midogaron 2 ^v^
  • midogaron 1st hunt dead ^v^ Me and pike huntin'
  • hyujiki dead ^v^ Me and pike huntin'
  • My new G rank set (shanthien and abiorugu) ^^
  • Getting ready for the quest ^^
  • lets get ready to ruuuummbbbllleeee!
  • Krakencm and pike giaorugu ice blast! ^^
  • Me and pike with a fallen giaorugu ^^
  • krakencm Vs Shanthien final rage mode full body shot ^^
  • krakencm Vs Shanthien 1st rage mode ^^
  • anorupatisu 'where is it!?' Dun dun, dun dun ^^ krakencm
  • anorupatisu bow to me! ^^ krakencm
  • Anorupatisu ouch! ^^ krakencm
  • Anorupatisu dead ^^ krakencm
  • Rebidiora final hit ^^ krakencm
  • Krakencm VS Rebi ^^
  • Slain rebidiora! ^^
  • G conquest C fatalis ^-^ me, pike, toro and Lyria
  • Crimson fata frontier style XD

Guren dead

Guran- miraosu dead HR7 Urgent quest :D

Killed Guran on 3G in 36:24 today :D 16/2/12 In 104.32 hours total

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