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About Me

I been playing MH since MH1 on the PS2 I greatly enjoy playing MH so much that when I found a way to get on MHFO I panicked when I couldn't get it working at first.

I have also been collecting and observing info about the MH series and I rarely accept fan made info as canon, I have seen the official info on many subjects of MH most people miss or never found including Frontier info so send me a message or whatever I will see if I can answer it.

Hunter Ranks

Personally I don't care what you're HR or SR is if you're HR999 on tri and you cant even kill a Jho solo dot even try comparing to me I soloed Alatreon bellow HR150 used Barioth armor and Alatreon Lance.

MH3tri: HR173. Play Time:895 Hours.

MHFU: HR9. Play Time:1467 Hours........................Dont give me that look!

MHP3rd: HR6. Play Time:??? Hehe yeah my copy kinda broke cant check....

MHFG: HR999-GR699, SR999/GSR1(All weapons)-GSR999 Hammer and Bow. Play Time:???? I dunno been playin like 3+ years with like 5-7 hour play times almost every day.

Weopon use

I mainly use GS, Hammer and Bow my skill with other weapons are not as good but I can be decent.

Hunting Info

I usually place other peoples needs above my own when playing and either end up working harder or missing out on some stuff but I'm happy to help.

MH Role-play or Fan Fiction info if you ever include me in one

Name: Pike

Original Home Land: Akura Continent

Current Home: Verudo City

Occupation: Guild Knight, Secret Hunter and Monster Researcher

Information: Pike originally lived in Akura, a very cold continent north of the Snowy Mountains and Forest & Hills. But he currently calls Verudo home even though he is almost never home.

Screen shots and Pictures

FrontierGen-Abiorugu Screenshot 018
Dervin and Pike

Pikes Halk/ホルク Dervin

Pikes Hunts "Velocidrome Pack ドスランポスパック"

Pikes Hunts "Velocidrome Pack ドスランポスパック"

Pikes Hunts Bloopers 1

Pikes Hunts Bloopers 1

My first bloopers video ment for laughs hope you enjoy

Pikes Hunts Bloopers 2

Pikes Hunts Bloopers 2

Bloopers number 2

Pikes Hunts Bloopers 3 Rajang Carnage

Pikes Hunts Bloopers 3 Rajang Carnage

Bloopers 3 my most enjoyed blooper video!

Gou Taikun Zamuza Soloed

Gou Taikunzamuza soloed no rastas

File:Gou Kuaru.png
Gendrome Zilla

Gendrome Zilla

Stare before battle

HR Bright Hypno

One old Shogun

Golden Size Shogun

Golden record Lavasioth

Golden Size Lavasioth

Never stand this close

There are some places people just should not stand

The Monkey Pike will never forget

Good times.....good times.............

HC Gou Dora

HC Gou Doragyurosu solo normal rastas as backup

There are some things we can not explain


Bloody bite

Uhm...That hurt

  • Giant Kirin
  • Giant Kirin pic 2
  • Ginat Kirin killed by Kaede and Pike
  • Ending picture
  • Wasn't even golden size
Pike Profile pic 3


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