aka Plesisoul

  • I live in In the otherworld
  • My occupation is Hunter of monsters

I love hunting games, kaiju movies, anime, absurd humor, writing, mythology, biology, paleobiology and a good debate.

I hate proud ignorants, and being attacked by a velociraptor with bazooka arms mounting in a giant fish.


Monster hunter: Yian garuga, Shogun ceanataur, Cephadrome, Iodrome, Gendrome, Vespoid, Apceros, Khezu, Giginox, Uragaan, Tigrex, Rathalos, Congalala, Hermitaur, Bullfango.

Toukiden: Bladewing, Mynx, Rockshell, All grinders.

God eater: Dyaus pita, Borg camlann, vajra tail, Ether, Yan Tzhi

Freedom wars: Paradoxa, Ramosa, Pentaltum

The witcher: Arachas, Ladies, Ghosts

A.O.T: Ymir, Annie

Soul sacrifice: Harpy, Behemoth, Spectre, Phoenix

Dark souls: Hollows with torches, dogs, rats, Basilysks, Blobs, Queens, Manus, Patches, Skletons

Dragon's dogma: Small aerial monsters, bandits, ogres, my own pawn.

Nano Diver: Spam and high reproductive pathogens, the brain.

Lord of arcana: The game

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