Gender: Male
Location: Canada
Year Born: 1989
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Ramen/Kinrugi/Nikku
Hunter Rank: MHFU - 9
Playing Online? Yes, ad hoc party, world J.
MH Games Owned: Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter Freedom, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Monster Hunter Portable, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, and Monster Hunter 3
Weapon: Knockout Dragonsword
Helmet: Auroros Helm Goku
Plate: Auroros Torso Goku
Gauntlet: AurorosGauntletsGoku
Waist: Auroros Tasset Goku
Legging: Auroros Pants Goku [all depend on weapon]
Favorite Monsters: Nargacuga, Akura Vashimu
Favorite Element: Dragon
Favorite Ailment: Stun, Knock Out
Favorite Weapon Type: Akantor Chaos Bow, Dragon Bow Mountain, Dragon Bow Chaos, and many more

"May odin have mercy on thee..."

My Goals for this wiki

  • Take care of vandalism and spam.
  • Create weapon pages and make them worthy of being a weapon page.
  • Correcting grammar/spelling.
  • Creating and/or Improve armor pages and make them REAL armor pages.
  • Write real guides for hunting monsters.
  • Fix correct Nicknames
  • Add pronunciation Tags

Pages I Improved/Created

My MHFU Clan (AHP)

Looking to start a Clan. Name will be WarpedFayte. If anyone wishes to help me with creating a clan for hunting feel free to message me on PSN. I'd like a nice clan that welcomes everyone of any rank. I love helping people Rank up. I also want a nice elite clan where people can get together, and do plenty of high rank quests! Our home world will be chosen shortly.

PSN: Ramenuzumaki

Clan Members

  • Ramenuzumaki (me): Founder of WarpedFayte. I mainly use Longsword, Gunlance, Dual Sword, and Bows. I can use others fine these are just the ones I prefer. I'm almost always online, and willing to help clan members! I'm also not against teaching new players about the game or how to use weapons. Feel free to message me on PSN. PSN: Ramenuzumaki


If you wish to join simply message me, or one of the other leaders, on PSN. You will then show us how well you know your way around the game. If we feel you are capable of taking on the name of the clan you will be able to join. Before hand, however, you will be tested.

MHFU Progress

  • Upgraded Fatalis weapons
  • Created full Goku set and decorated it

MHFU - Currently Doing

  • Recruiting for Clan.
  • Trying to earn awards.
  • Raise weapon usage.
  • Working to complete every quest.

MHFU Achievements

  • Achieved Hunter Rank 9.
  • Obtained Sage's Bracelet.
  • Obtained Powder-White Crown.
  • Acquired Platinum White Guild Card

My MHFU Armours

Here is a list of my current Armour sets. The stuff in bold is only the skills added with decorations. I did not mention the skills default to each armour set.

  • Silver Sol Z + WyvrnBlade'Camellia' (Blademaster). Tracker set. Has Autotracker and Automap
  • Obtuary S + FestiveRustlingRain (Blademaster). Abnormal Status/Elemental Attack Up set
  • Auroros Haku + Gunlance (Blademaster). Has Guard+2, Guard Inc, and Auto Gard. Awesome GL set
  • Narga X + Akantor Chaos Bow (Gunner). Has Focus, and PierceBow Up. Decent Bow set
  • Auroros Goku + Knockout Dragonsword (Blademaster). ESP, and Shaprness +1. Amazing LS Set.

New Armours

Monster Hunter Frontier

Yes I started playing Frontier a few days ago! It's so fun. Been getting a lot of help from the people from the Highlanders guild on the irc chat they have going.

Current Stats

Hunter: Ramenuzumaki <p>HR: 33 <p>Weapon:Kut-ku Stave II <p>Armour: Rathian with Khezu Cap <p>Guild: n00bs

MHFO Accomplishments

  • Acquired HR33
  • Acquired Full Kut-ku armour/weapon even though the game is Korean
  • Acquired Full Hermitaur Armour, and Ice Iron Katana
  • Learned about the Gallery Decorating Process
  • Started making the Hunter's Diary

Hunter's Diary

A little project I started. Basically I record things I find are points of interest and post them on youtube as a sort of video diary for my Hunter. It's so I have something to go back to, and relive all my fond memories, and so friends and fans of MH can see how I am progressing and how awesome this game is!

Hunter's Diary videos

Video Video Video
<youtube width="300" height="242">IBMGxx9qpxs</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">qgVFP2iA_dQ</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">C9s5rZlv_AY</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">lIqyhGr5mrs</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">WM3DBXnnG9M</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">-IZ-EctM360</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">iF7TzvKe9vg</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">42IkCMHSts8</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">lF3SPTFIBDA</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">UjFO0_tC3mA</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">rOuQnj2z5_A</youtube>
<youtube width="300" height="242">5SmjTL-JOP0</youtube>

Monster Hunter

I own MH, MHF, MHF2, MHP, MHP2ndG, MHFU, and MHTri.

Help with Hunting

Ask me on PSN and I will do my best to assist. Ramenuzumaki

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