aka A rather generic name

  • I live in Some place called London
  • I was born on April 2
  • I am Male, quite sure of that

Tenchberry - My Second Coming is soon...

Gender: Male
Location: UK
Year Born: 1994
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: MHF2 - Dok-do
MHP2G - Kotu
MHP3rd - Kotu
MH3U - Tench
Hunter Rank: MHP2G-9
MH3U -42
Playing Online? Nope
MH Games Owned: All except MH1, G, 2 and 3
Weapon: Pyro Demolisher/Edels Ice
Helmet: Helios Z
Plate: Helios Z
Gauntlet: Helios Z
Waist: Helios Z
Legging: Helios Z
Favorite Monsters: Crimson Fatalis (1st and 2nd Gen), Stygian Zinogre/ Alatreon (3rd Gen)
Favorite Element: Fire
Favorite Ailment: Poison or Sleep (Refrain from sleeping near or next to a hunter. you will wake up with a massive headache [I apologise for writing this, its not even funny])
Favorite Weapon Type: Currently Long Sword

To those of you who are lost and ended up here, my Steam name is the same as my user here, so if you have nothing else better to do and are feeling charitable, then add me. Cheers

  • By the way, my name is usually just Tench in the chatroom if you need to ask me anything (Not really sure what you'd want to ask me about. TF2 or MH I guess?)
  • Im also the proud owner of a bottle of year old sour milk. Ask me about it if you want. Oh, and I used to be admin and a bureaucrat on this wiki

Current News

  • Recently bought a 3DS, a few games and MH3U finally. Here the hunt continues

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