Hello I am The Knowledger and I am a proud fan of the Monster Hunter series. I own Monster Hunter freedom 2, Freedom Unite and tri. I cant wait untill MHP3G arrives here but am hopeing they implement infrastructure intoit as there are very few chances to play with my friend who has it when we are together.

I am on Nekoht's second rank of quests and the HR 5 guild quest.

Bull tusk hammer

My weapon of choice

My armour is:

Skills: Attack up large+ Hearing protect low (pointless. Only works on Rath's and about three others)

My 5 favourite weapons go as follows:

  1. Hammer (Bull Tusk Hammer)
  2. Long sword
  3. Gunlance
  4. Bow
  5. Sword and Shield

'If I could be any monster, I would be...' top 10:

  1. Silver Rathalos
  2. Tigrex
  3. Barioth
  4. Hypnocatrice
  5. Rajang
  6. Lagiacrus
  7. Teostra
  8. Chameleos
  9. Blangonga
  10. Lagiacrus

5 most annoying monsters:

  1. Tigrex
  2. Melynx
  3. Vespoid/ Hornetaur
  4. Khezu
  5. Barroth

monsters I have killed:

(H)= High rank

(L)= Low rank MHFU: Giadrome (H+L), Velocidrome (H+L), Gendrome (H+L), Iodrome (H+L), Queen Vespoid (H), Yian Kut-Ku (H+L), Blue Yian Kut-Ku (H+L), Gypceros (H+L), Purple Gypceros (H+L), Hypnocatrice (H+L), Basarios (H+L), Gravios (L), Khezu (H+L), Red Khezu (H+L), Tigrex (L), Monoblos (H+L), Diablos (L), Black Diablos (L), Rathian (H+L), Pink Rathian (L), Rathalos (H+L), Azure Rathalos (L), Cephadrome (H+L), Plesioth (H+L), Green Plesioth (L), Daimyo Hermitaur (H+L), Shogun Ceanataur (L), Shen Gaoren (L), Bulldrome (H+L), Congalala (H+L), Blangonga (H+L), Kushala Daora (L), Lunastra (L), Teostra (L), Chameleos (L), Kirin (L), Lao Shan Lung (L), Ashen Lao shan lung (H+L), Silver Rathalos (H), Gold Rathian (H), Naracugara (H)

''MH3: Great Jaggi, Qurupeco, Royal Ludroth, Barroth, Rathian, Gobul, Great Baggi

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