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Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
MHF2-Rathalos and Aptonoth Render 001 This user is an administrator of the Monster Hunter Wiki.

Gender: Male
Location: Australia
Year Born: 1478 (I'm that old)
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Hunter
Hunter Rank: 9
Playing Online? No
MH Games Owned: MH, MHF2, MHFU and MH3
Weapon: All weapons used
Helmet: White Fatalis Z, Fatalis Z, Dragon X
Plate: White Fatalis Z, Fatalis Z, Dragon X
Gauntlet: White Fatalis Z, Fatalis Z, Dragon X
Waist: White Fatalis Z, Fatalis Z, Dragon X
Legging: White Fatalis Z, Fatalis Z, Dragon X
Favorite Monsters: Ukanlos, White Fatalis, Deviljho
Favorite Element: Dragon
Favorite Ailment: Paralysis
Favorite Weapon Type: Long Swords, Dual Swords, Hammers, Switch Axe

Monster Hunter around 100+ hours

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 around 350+ hours

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 700+ hours

Monster Hunter 3 50+ hours


Most favourite weapons out of some weapon types in Unite:

Longsword: Knockout Dragonsword, Ancient Slayer Dragonwood Longsword

Great sword: Eternal Destroyer, Ukanlos Destructor

Hammer: Ukanlos Trampler, Imperial Gunhammer Spark

Dual swords: Fatalis Dual Sky, Punishment Blades

Gunlance: True Black Dragon Gunlance

Lance: Dragoon's Gae Bulg, Ukanlos Calamity

Sword and Shield: High Sandman Spike G, Golden Eclipse

Hunting Horn: Ukanlos Horned Flute, Fatalis Menace Lute

Bow: Midnight Bow, Black Bow G

Favourite monsters

Some of my favourite monsters:

MHFU: Ukanlos, White Fatalis, Fatalis, Crimson Fatalis, Kushala Daora, Diablos, Rathalos

MH3: Deviljho, Lagiacrus, Alatreon, Jhen Mohran, Agnaktor, Uragaan

Frontier: Raviente, Doragyurosu, Akura Jebia, Gurenzeburu, Dyuragaua, Orange Espinas

MHP3: Jinouga, Black Tigrex, Amatsumagatsuchi, Agnaktor Subspecies, Uragaan Subspecies

High kill list

My current high monster number kills (MHFU):

Vespoid: 1,650+

Bullfango: 400+

Rathalos: 150+

Rathian: 130+

Gypceros: 100+

Daimyo Hermitaur: 100+

Yian Kut-ku: 100+

Khezu: 100+

Basarios: 100+

Akantor: 50+

Ukanlos: 40+

Lao-shan: 50+

Fatalis: 65+

Pages Created

Also created Template pages but can't be f****d adding them.

Jinouga Attacks / Dosufurogi Photo Gallery / Amatsumagatsuchi Photo Gallery

Jinouga Photo Gallery / Emerald Congalala Weapons / Nargacuga Subspecies

Akura Jebia Attacks / Monster Hunter 3 Damage Formula / Amatsumagatsuchi

Monster Hunter 3 Hitzone Charts / Great Jaggi Hitzone Charts / MHFO Database

Great Baggi Hitzone Charts / Qurupeco Hitzone Charts / Amatsumagatsuchi Videos

Rathian Hitzone Charts / Rathalos Hitzone Charts / Erupe Photo Gallery

Diablos Hitzone Charts / Gigginox Hitzone Charts / Burukku Photo Gallery

Barioth Hitzone Charts / Lagiacrus Hitzone Charts /

Gobul Hitzone Charts / Royal Ludroth Hitzone Charts /

Agnaktor Hitzone Charts / Barroth Hitzone Charts /

Uragaan Hitzone Charts / Deviljho Hitzone Charts /

Jhen Mohran Hitzone Charts / Ceadeus Hitzone Charts /

Alatreon Hitzone Charts / Monster Hunter Collaborations /

Monsters that inflict Snowman / Monsters that inflict Soiled /

Leviathans / Hapurubokka Photo Gallery /

Rangurotora Photo Gallery / Zuwaroposu Photo Gallery /

Gagua Photo Gallery / Urukususu Photo Gallery /

Aoashira Photo Gallery / Monster Encyclopedia: Fanged Wyvern /

Monster Hunter Hunting Card Accessories / Monster Hunter Hunting Card Packs /

Monster Hunter Hunting Card Game Cards / Doboruberuku Photo Gallery /

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