West hunter

aka EssWar

  • I live in Silver State
  • I was born on November 1
  • I am Male
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| Message Wall:West hunter
West hunter
Gender: Teostra
Location: (?)
Year Born: (?)
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: West/Jetboy
Hunter Rank: 957(MH4u)
Playing Online? Yeah when anyone summon me!
MH Games Owned: MHF
Weapon: Insect Glaive, C.Blade
Helmet: Najarala Helm X
Plate: Najarala Mail X
Gauntlet: Najarala Braces X
Waist: Najarala Faulds X
Legging: Najarala Greaves X
Favorite Monsters: (?)
Favorite Element: (?)
Favorite Ailment: (?)
Favorite Weapon Type: Charge Blade, Hammer, Great SWord, Switch Axe, Lance and Insect Glaive

About me

Hi and Hello to everyone, im West, Iam just decently skilled hunter start from Hammer , Great Sword follow by Switch Axe , Lance and now interested with bow next to try Insect Glaive and Charge Blade in MH4U. First i got to know MH from my brother(Kumar), that's when MH Freedom released to PSP. My favorite monster are Tigrex, Nargacuga, Jade Barroth, Rantalos, Seltas Queen and yeah Gore Magala!!! My most Hated and Respected Monster is Tigrex.

Now currently working on:

  • MH3U Gunner Armor (Mainly on G-Rank)= Completed
  • MH3U Blade master Armor (Mainly on G-Rank)= Completed
  • MH3U Equipment Pages
  • MH4U Blademaster Armor - In Progress
  • MH4U Gunner Armor - In Progress
  • Add missing information.
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