MH10th-Stygian Zinogre Icon.png
Country: Spain
Gender: Female
Games Owned: MH3, MH3U, MH3UHD, MH4U, MHX.
Hunter Info
Name: Karasu
Favorite Weapon: Lance Icon White.png Hammer Icon White.png Medium Bowgun Icon White.png
Favorite Element: Status Effect-Dragonblight MH4 Icon.png Status Effect-Fireblight MH4 Icon.png Status Effect-Iceblight MH4 Icon.png
Favorite Ailment: StatusEffect05.png

About Me

Sup! Wolf here.

I'm an admin of this lovely site. If you have any questions you can use my talk page to ask anything. Happy Hunting! ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Other stuff
Likes: Gaming, Monster Hunter, Zelda, Mario, Nintendo, reptiles, internet, memes, quoting videogame characters, vegetarian food
Hates: Slime weapons, n00bs, fanboys, attention whores, spammers
In the Wikia

I mostly work with pictures, rendering monsters, weapons or icon images but I also occasionally branch out to edit other things. I don't often comment on blogs but anytime I'm online you can see me in the Guild Hall Chat so it's another good way of contacting me if needed to.
In the Games

Monster Hunter 3:
  • Every fully-upgraded Lance obtained
  • HR: 350
  • Favorite Weapons: Alatreon Gleam, Sabertooth (G), Agnaktor Firelance, Gobuluku Muraaka,Devil's Crush (G), Jhen Mohran Hammer, Jaggid Fire, Diablazooka, Chaos Wing, Divine Exodus, High Sieglinde (P)
  • Favorite Armors: Agnaktor+ (Blademaster), Bnahabra+ (Blademaster), Ceadeus+ (Blademaster), Vangis (Blademaster), Diablos+ (Gunner), Lagiacrus+ (Gunner)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • All awards obtained
  • HR: 327
  • Favorite Weapons: Stygian Ira, Exia Lordlance, Gaius Whitebolt, The Anteferno, Lagio Vortivolte, Majestic Scepter, Griffon Blazooka, Altheos Aetheria, Nether Phloxion, The Willuminator, Chum-Chum Scarecrows, Stygian Superbia, Elemenders, Hellnox Epee, Plesioth Direspike, Saligia Enderaxe
  • Favorite Armors: Agnaktor Z, Zinogre Z, Diablos U, Diablos X, Vangis X, Ludroth Z
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  • HR: 410+
  • Favorite Weapons: Stygian Ira, Garuga Incessance, True Ruiner Lance, Qadar Sedition, Destiny's Arm, Absolute Bowgun, Belobog Scythe, Teostra's Nova, Desert Rose, Deified Grisblade, Lightbreak Press, Master Sword G
  • Favorite Armors: Mixed
Monster Hunter X
  • HR: 100+
  • Favorite Weapon Styles: Guild Lance, Adept Hammer, Striker Bowgun, Aerial Switch Axe
  • Favorite Weapons:
  • Favorite Armors: Mixed, Black Flame King Rathalos, Spearbreaker Daimyo Hermitaur
In other Media

Name: Cookie
NN: Cookie_OwO
Status: Active
Name: Cookie
Friend Code: 2380-6786-2477
Status: Active
3DS (Japanese)
Name: Cookie
Friend Code: 3523 - 3280 - 8876


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