This is a day to remember for Marcus Alagar for this day will change his life FOREVER

A sunny day in Yumoko Village, The markets Selling Hi-quality Herbs and Mushrooms and the Blacksmith with a Full stock of Armor and Weapons. Marcus Alagar ,Son of the owner of Yumoko Farm, was doing his Daily routine Feeding the Gauga, Assigning Felynes to do there Job and farming. He supports alot of Hunters and made friends with some, its his 17th birthday tommorow his Best friend Steven Ranado, a Hunter who has just started to hunt in Yumoko Village weilding a GS and also a childhood friend of Marcus, was gathering alot of ore this week, Ont the day of Marcus' Birthday Steven came it with a something long wraped in Kelbi Hide and decorated with Gauga Feathers, What could it be Marcus wondered. Steven was preparing for this moment and gave him the gift, it was a Long Sword,Steven said Happy Birthday and Happy Hunting. Marcus then immediatly grabbed the LS and went to the Training hall and that started Marcus' Journey

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