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    Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend. To start this week off right, I'll be fielding the latest edition of DOTW. This time, I thought it might be interesting for us to take a look at some in-game features that have since been ditched (or at least, not used in a very long while) by Capcom.

    Let's get to it!

    Call me crazy, but I thought this was a really cool idea. Putting together a custom bowgun out of a variety of different parts was a creative and unique direction for the developers to take this weapon. In the end, I understand the transition back to the standard separate classes, as it's less complicated and you don't end up with a weird, jumbled concoction of a weapon. 

    On a similar note, we also barely even got to know the Mediu…

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  • Aandrew07

    Firstly, I'd just like to apologize for how terribly late this is. I was supposed to have it up by Saturday evening, and then real life, university-related stuff got in the way and...well, you know. 

    Anyway, this week I thought it would be nice for us to have a look at one of (in my opinion) the best parts of any MH game, the CGI opening videos! These short animated segments, brought to amazingly detailed life by Capcom's wonderful CG engine, feature cinematic representations of in-game mechanics such as setting traps and throwing paintballs. And hey, it makes for kick-ass action.

    Let's have a look!

    The original! While I find it weird that the grassland area depicted in this video makes no actual appearance in the game, it did a really great …

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    Good evening!

    I hope we're all as jolly as can be with family and friends on this Christmas Eve. As has become tradition, I'd like to take a moment to wish every one of you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year on behalf of the admins here on the wiki. It's been a good year for us MH fans, we've got ourselves our first localized game in three years, and the community seems to be growing every day. Let's hope we all find what we asked Santa for under the tree this year (I for one asked him for an MH4 localization confirmation, but we'll see what becomes of that). Once agan, a happiest of holidays to you all, and all the best for the year to come. Sleep tight!

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    Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Rage Mode!

    Your good friend Andrew will be fielding the blog this week. I thought it might be a good idea for us to take some time to discuss one of the fundamental combat mechanics in Monster Hunter: RAGE! All monsters (Except our oddball friend Pariapuria) exhibit a rage mode, in which it becomes faster, stronger, and more terrifying. 


    Rajang transforms from a dull, brown beast into a raging, golden monstrosity. It exhibits boosted electrical attacks and more brutal melee combos.


    When enraged, Deviljho's hide swells up and glows a menacing bright red. It is capable of breathing a stream of Dragon elemented gas, and becomes one of the most formidable opponents in the game.

    ======> …

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  • Aandrew07

    Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week: Azure Rathalos and Pink Rathian!

    As some of you may be aware, Lord Loss is out of town this week, so your friendly neighbourhood Andrew has stepped in to substitute for him. Hooray! This week we discuss the middle pair in the Rathalos/Rathian family.

    Great Sword

    Weapon Tree

    Pale Kaiser

    Blushing Dame


    Weapon Tree

    Blue Tail
    Blue Prominence
    Soul of Prominence

    Light Bowgun

    Weapon Tree

    Spartacus Soul


    Weapon Tree

    Heartshot Bow I
    Heartshot Bow II
    Heartshot Bow III

    Hunting Horn

    Weapon Tree

    Choral Chordmaker
    Choral Chordmaker+

    Heavy Bowgun

    Weapon Tree

    Empress's Blossom
    Empress's Flower

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