Yesterday, after more than three years, the online servers for Monster Hunter Tri were shut down for the last time. 

MH3 online

I don't know about you, but there's something about good ol' Loc Lac city being gone forever that hits me right in the feel-bads. No more will we be greeted by the massive airships and towering pillars. Silenced is the sweet, twangy music, and the lively tavern has closed up shop for good. But let's not dwell on the bad here! I think it's time for us to celebrate everything that Monster Hunter Tri was during its years in the sun. And although we have bigger, better MH games to play nowadays, Monster Hunter Tri stands as a massive turning point for the series, and will always be remembered as the grand overhaul that the franchise and its fans so rightfully deserved. 

So I'd like to invite every user of this wiki to comment below, and respond to a few of the following questions:

-What did you like most about Loc Lac city, as a hub world?

-What was your finest moment during online play?

-Do you think there is anything that future MH releases could learn from the way that Loc Lac was set up?

-How do you think Loc Lac stacks up next to Tanzia Port?

-Do you think MH3U online could ever fully replace MH3 online?

Let us also bid farewell to the Tri incarnations of Alatreon, Deviljho, and Jhen Mohran, who can simply no longer be encountered in MH3, much like Fatalis, Kirin and Lao-Shan in the games before. Surely some of the most eventful fights MH3 had to offer were with these monsters. 

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the countless hours we poured into Monster Hunter Tri was indeed, time well spent. 

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