Jhen Moran is a very easy boss.Its huge,slow,and its not that strong.I still havent killed one yet but ive repelled like 10 or more of 'em.How stupid is jhen moran to keep coming back to the same spot.It knows theres gonna be 1-4 hunters there waiting to mine and attack him.Im not good at using the spear on the front of the boat.I also hate that rock projectile attack that Jhen Does.It only hits me when hes ready to get hit by the spear or when im in the Ballista.That ballista is so SLOW!! Hit me up on AIM so we can discuss MH3 SOme more. My AIM is AcePBizz. HMU!

Uhmmm 2 day ago I was watching MH3 Live and i saw these ppl fighting jhen moran(not moving).I didnt realize how big that thing was!! Its also wierd how u can go in his mouth.He could just eat u! Anyway,alot of ppl just seem to use the cannon and the ballista.Does he have any new attacks now that he's "on Land"? on land is in TH" " because technically he's on land in the festival of fear mission,he's just not Moving..................LOL

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