• Supido-Kyo
  • Supido-kyo box art
Supido-Kyo is a newly discovered Wyvern that lives in the Great Forest and D-Island. Some hunters have spotted it in the Tundra. This Wyvern is said to be the fastest out of all the Wyvern and Elder Dragons. Althoe it might be extremly fast it dosent pack much of a punch in ways of attack but instead attacks multible times at once with lightning speed. Hunter caught in its attack cannot escape until the Supido-Kyo stops. The only way to land a succesful hit on it is after an attack it must rest to regain some of its stamina. If the Supido-Kyo feels that it's endarged it will start to use its highly developed tail that can open to a "fan like" shape to lauch itself at hunters causing massive damage. This Wyvern is easily identified by the hundreds of "Aerodynamic" scales that are as hard as steel.
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