Hello everyone , my name(character wise) is Articrox, me and my friendTexy started a clan,is not much of a official thing since the game does not has that feature, so our clan consist of a facebook group and a tag on your game profile to identify yourself as such,the clan is new since it less than 3 days old, so many of the details are sketchy ,there are 3 things clear , will respect any and every clan member 2. you need to pass a test that consist of two missions, a solo one and a team one , all details will be found on facebook.and last 3. you need to be at least hr 18 . the point of doing this clan is to avoid having to constantly look around gates and server for people of your own HR,its an easy way to bring us together ,hunt together and make a family inside the game.

For further information you can find me on facebook as Ramon Rodriguez'Vicente', or Texy as Jose Alberto Tirado. if you choose to look into the group itself you can search it as Thunder Knights Clan.

See you in the hunt!