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This week we look at the hidden remains of monsters found throughout the series!

Jumbo Village


Let's start with Jumbo Village! Within the mining caves of the village is a sword embedded in rock, but you soon learn that it isn't what you thought it was. Turns out, that old sword was embedded in the skull of a Lao-Shan Lung!

Snowy Mountains/Arctic Ridge

MH4U-Kushala Daora Screenshot 008

This one is a classic that just about everyone knows. In Zone 8 of the area, hunters can see the molted shell of a Kushala Daora on top of the cliff in the area, showing that one had been there before (Yes, I know the screenshot is in the Frozen Seaway). The molted shell makes this zone stand out more, and adds more depth to the world.

Great Forest

Lao-Shan Lung in Great Forest

Both Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Monster Hunter Frontier have the Great Forest, but only Monster Hunter Frontier has this particular skull. Hidden in the Great Forest, Zone 7, is the skull of a Lao-Shan Lung, which is well hidden in the foliage. It takes a keen eye to notice this giant skull!



Now the Tundra is an interesting one. You ever noticed some bones found throughout the area, either frozen in ice or on the ground? Some of those bones are the remains of Gigginox's previous meals, while others belong to ancient species that once lived in the Tundra. The natives of the Tundra have even passed on a legend about a Wyvern Graveyard in the area, which is Deviljho's nest.

Sunken Hollow

World img 12

A lot of hunters hate Gypceros for understandable reasons, but Nerscylla loves them in more ways than one! Just look at how it hangs them in its web before skinning them!

Primal Forest

MH4-Primal Forest Concept Art 001

The skeleton of a giant monster can be found throughout all of the zones in the Primal Forest, and it doesn't seem to belong to any known species. Makes you wonder what it belongs to.

Frozen Seaway

World img 27 03

The Frozen Seaway is an area that has only recently become a hunting zone for hunters. Researchers believe that a sudden change to the climate froze the area rapidly, making the Frozen Seaway what it currently is. Like the Snowy Mountains/Arctic Ridge, there is the molted shell of a Kushala Daora in Zone 4 of the Frozen Seaway, but there is one more surprise in Zone 6. In Zone 6 is the skull of a giant monster, thought to be from an ancient species, that some believe to be the cause of the sudden climate change in the Frozen Seaway. Hunters can also find Zamtrios eggs embedded in the ice of Zone 7.

Polar Sea

Lao Ice

A Lao-Shan Lung frozen in ice... Seriously, they appear everywhere at this point!

Jurassic Frontier

MHGen-Jurassic Frontier Screenshot 011

Though Shen Gaoren doesn't appear in the 4th Generation, it is referenced in the Jurassic Frontier. In Zone 10, hunters can find the molted shell of Shen Gaoren (Yes, it somehow also molted the Lao-Shan Lung skull too), showing that some live in the Jurassic Frontier and that the monster hasn't been completely forgotten. Maybe we'll see Shen Gaoren return in the near future.

Rotten Vale

MHW-Rotten Vale Screenshot 002

The top of the Rotten Vale is filled with piles of bones, plants, etc. that have accumulated together over time. Two giant skeletons belonging to giant monsters can also be found at the top of the Rotten Vale, acting as the foundation for the area. These giant skeletons belong to two Dalamadur, and the corpses of other monsters (Diablos, Rathian, Raphinos, Legiana) can be found in the Rotten Vale as well.

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