Hello, and welcome to the Discussion of the Week: Invasive Species! This week we look at some of the invasive monster species!


FrontierGen-Abiorugu Render 005

After wandering all the way from the New World, Abiorugu has recently made the Old World its new home and this thing isn't leaving without a fight! Abiorugus are highly adaptable predators due to the plates on their back, allowing them to live practically anywhere. I wonder how much they eat?


MH4-Savage Deviljho and Great Jaggi Render 001

Deviljho is a tough call due to the fact that it has only been recently spotted in only two Old World areas thus far, the Shiki Country(Heavenly Mountains) and the Dede Desert(Old Desert/Dunes), plus from the fact that Deviljhos will invade areas in the New World as well. Anyway, like its relative, Abiorugu, Deviljho is also very nomadic but unlike Abiorugu, it can wipe out whole areas filled with monsters just from their huge appetite. What's worse is that Deviljho is considered by the Guild to be on a destructive level on par with Elder Dragons!


FrontierGen-Baruragaru Render 002

Oh god, it sucks blood with its tongue! Baruragaru comes from some unknown land and has come to the Old World to suck up some blood from unfortunate Bird Wyverns! Its blood sucking has led to the dramatic decrease of the Ioprey population in the Swamp and has led to many markings from its tongue being found on its unfortunate victims, showing the mark it has left on the Old World.


MH4U-Seregios Render 001

After being kicked out of their home, attacked by an unusually large individual that overcome the Frenzy Virus, and swarming to whatever other areas they could find, Seregios found their way to the Old World and started claiming new territories their selves! Seregios are deadly bunch of killers and bold enough to kick out other predatory monsters out of their territory before claiming it as their own. Seregios are better known as the Rathalos' Rival!


  • Which is your favorite Invasive Species?
  • Which is your least favorite Invasive Species?
  • Do you wish one or more of the known monsters in the series were known as an Invasive Species?
  • If you could choose one real world Invasive Species and make it into an Invasive Species in Monster Hunter, what would it be?
  • Which one do you think is the most destructive and most invasive?
  • Should these Invasive Species stay where they are at right now or should they be eliminate from the environments they've invaded?
  • If you could choose to have one of these Invasive Monsters as a pet, which would it be?


  • There is a few more Invasive Species in Monster Hunter that I decided to leave out.
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