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This week we look at the creator of Heaven's Mount, Dalamadur!

MH4U-Dalamadur Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4-Dalamadur-Head Icon A huge elder dragon, massive beyond human comprehension. The only mention of its existence is found in fairy tales, which claim it can warp the very surface of the world and level mountains with a single twitch.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Equipment

MH4U-Great Sword Equipment Render 001
MH4-Heavy Bowgun Render 023

High Rank (MH4U)

  • Wrath Awoken
  • Attack Down (M)

G-Rank (MH4U)

  • Wrath Awoken
  • Attack Down (M)

High Rank (MH4U)

  • Wrath Awoken
  • Attack Down (M)


  • Wrath Awoken
  • Attack Down (M)

Great Sword
MH4-Great Sword Render 053
Swordscale Shard
Indent01 The Lethal Graze
Indent01 Wold the Just
Long Sword
MH4-Long Sword Render 039
Tailblade Parallel
Indent01 The Righteous Swath
Indent01 Barwell the Swift
Sword and Shield
MH4-Sword and Shield Render 046
Eviscerator & Scutum
Indent01 The Antimonial Haven
Indent01 Vaca the Mazelord
Dual Blades
MH4-Dual Blades Render 049
Blackspine Bundles
Indent01 The Wrackful Gemini
Indent01 Mbale the Acute
MH4-Hammer Render 052
Helixbone Slab
Indent01 The Extricating Blow
Indent01 Edward the Tremor
Hunting Horn
MH4-Hunting Horn Render 037
Veilglare Hymn
Indent01 The Ascending Strain
Indent01 Orgueil the Insane
MH4-Lance Render 043
Shellslab Prong
Indent01 The Steadfast Aegis
Indent01 Ethelred the Ready
MH4-Gunlance Render 044
Illstarred Gunlance
Indent01 The Celestial Fall
Indent01 Ethelbald the Dire
Switch Axe
MH4-Switch Axe Render 040
Keenscale Phalanx
Indent01 The Exuberant Bite
Indent01 Oda the Conqueror
Insect Glaive
MH4-Insect Glaive Render 009
Direspike Display
Indent01 Direspike Display+
IndentIndent01 The Harmonious Stave
IndentIndent01 Self-possession
Heavy Bowgun
MH4-Heavy Bowgun Render 023
Caudalbone Crook
Indent01 The Omnipotent Blast
Indent01 Robert the Vortex
MH4-Bow Render 042
Cradlecrush Embrace
Indent01 The Keen Stratagem
Indent01 Yoichi the Sighted

Interesting Facts About Dalamadur

  • Its two arms are used to support it while climbing and digging and its feet are gone to help it climb the vast mountains freely.
  • Its claws are very powerful and with one swing kill anything in its way. The claws can also can destroy the land and even cause rocks of old mountains to collapse.
  • Dalamadur is able to destroy whole mountains and valleys. Its also believed that the damage it causes could affect the whole world.
  • Dalamadur seems to use the blade-like scales to help it climb and dig and, are sometimes described as a Thousand Blades.
  • Dalamadur's hide is extremely hard and sometimes compared to steel.
  • Its tail is used like a whip and just by slamming it, it can cause an earthquake.
  • Dalamadur is believed to be the creator of the Heaven's Mount from its digging and climbing on the mountains. The legend suggest that there is more than one Dalamadur and that the area became unstable from them. Its also unlikely that the area formed naturally over years and their is damage in the mountains that seemed to have only been caused by Dalamadur.
    • It turns out the Dalamadur was actually ripping through the mountains due to its old skin irritating it sometime before it could actually shed into its new skin. So Dalamadur unintentionally makes more habitats and homes for monsters that live in the mountains of the Siki Country.
    • Some reports suggest that Dalamadur can be found in the Forest and Hills as well.
  • Dalamadur controls an unknown element that doesn't match any known other elements.
  • The meteors it summon seems to be falling stars and they rain down when Dalamadur roars or does other things. These stars have the same energy as Dalamadur's Chest.
  • Some type of energy is in its chest that produces a strange light and white particles. Its unknown what it is but it is super hot.
  • The strange substance found in the Speartip Crag is a hot spring.
  • It has special bones that twist with immeasurable power. They are believed to help Dalamadur support itself.
  • Dalamadur measures up to 44039.7cm.
  • Dalamadur and Shah Dalamadur are confirmed to be the same species.
  • Dalamadur's Japanese name (Dara Amadyura) is a reference to the Babylonian word for tower, "Dara", and the Babylonian word for armor, "Amadyura", in an old language.

Dalamadur's BGMs

Battle Dalamadur (Part 1) 【ダラ・アマデュラ戦闘bgm1】 Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack rip

Battle Dalamadur (Part 1) 【ダラ・アマデュラ戦闘bgm1】 Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack rip

MH4U: Dalamadur Music Theme 1
Battle Dalamadur (Part 2) 【ダラ・アマデュラ戦闘bgm2】 Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack rip

Battle Dalamadur (Part 2) 【ダラ・アマデュラ戦闘bgm2】 Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack rip

MH4U: Dalamadur Music Theme 2


3DS Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate -Dalamadur Intro-

3DS Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate -Dalamadur Intro-

Title MH4: Dalamadur Intro
by DrTangerine


Title 【MH4】ダラ・アマデュラ討伐
by mimusu1634
【MH4】 集会所上位★7 千の剣 ダラ・アマデュラ 操虫棍ソロ

【MH4】 集会所上位★7 千の剣 ダラ・アマデュラ 操虫棍ソロ

Title 【MH4】 集会所上位★7 千の剣 ダラ・アマデュラ 操虫棍ソロ
by Gezma@MHX
MH4U-Dalamadur Infographic 002
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